Wednesday, April 18, 2018

1996 Upper Deck, Glenn Dishman

#186 Glenn Dishman

Here is a card of Glenn Dishman that was given to me by Rod, from Padrographs, when we met up at a Hillsboro Hops game in 2015.

Glenn pitched in the Majors for three seasons with the Padres, Phillies, and Tigers. He made his Major League debut with the Padres in 1995 and saw the majority of his big league action that season. He appeared in 19 games, starting 16, and pitched 97 innings with a 4-8 record and 5.01 ERA.

He would go on to only throw 38 more innings at that level over two more seasons. Glenn finished his career with a record of 5-10 and a 5.25 ERA.

Glenn is now into coaching and is currently working as the pitching coach for the Giants AA team in Richmond.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

1996 Pinnacle, Troy Percival

#296 Troy Percival

Here is a card of Troy Percival that I got signed at a Kansas State game last year. Troy is the head coach for his alma mater, UC Riverside, and they had the misfortune of playing baseball in Kansas in March.

I had planned on going to the game as soon as the schedule was released and I saw Troy was coaching. But, come game day, it was freezing out. I do not remember the exact temperature, but it had to have been between 30-35 degrees with a strong wind. I did not want to go to a game in those conditions and I certainly wasn't taking my one year-old out in that. So, I did the next best thing. We all drove to the park. The family stayed in the car and I went and bought one general admission ticket. I went in, got Troy's autograph, used the restroom, and then left. I was in and out in five minutes. We then left and enjoyed the day in lovely Manhattan, Kansas.

As for Troy, he was real easy to talk to as I asked him about coaching and the weather. He was clearly disappointed that they were not playing in California where it was 80 degrees at the time. I can't say that I blame him.

I got three cards signed by Troy, but this was the only Angel card. This card kind of reminds of some current Donruss cards, with the exception of some barely visible logos.

Troy is the Angels all-time save leader with 316 of them. He has 108 more saves than the second place closer and no current Angel is even in the top ten. I am sure his team record will be intact for some time.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

1996 Leaf Signature Series Extended, Carlos Hernandez

#77 Carlos Hernandez

Here is another card I got from Night Owl a while back in exchange for a Jackie Robinson manu-bat knob. Other autos he gave me were of Rick Dempsey, Billy Ashley, and Todd Hollandsworth. The other three cards were all base cards that had been signed at some point. This, an autographed insert, is more of what I expected to get in the trade since Greg isn't an autograph collector.

Carlos played in the Majors for parts of ten seasons with the Dodgers, Padres, and Cardinals. He spent the better part of his career in Los Angeles in the back-up catcher role. But, in 1998 with Padres, he was the team's primary catcher and he had a good season. He ended up playing in 129 games while starting 102 of those. For the year, he hit .262 with 15 doubles, 9 home runs, and 52 runs driven in.

For his career, Carlos was a .253 hitter with 24 homers and 141 RBI. He got to play in all four of the Padres 1998 World Series games and was 2-10.

Monday, April 9, 2018

1996 Donruss, Keith Lockhart

#386 Keith Lockhart

Here is a card that I got signed through the mail earlier this year. For whatever reason, I have hit the TTM front hard since last season ended. My three main focuses have been the '81 Donruss set, the Pacific Senior League set, and former Royals. Guess which category this one falls into.

After making his Major League debut with the Padres at the age of 30 in 1994, Keith ended up in Kansas City the following year. His tenure there would only last two seasons, but they were two fairly productive seasons. In '95, though he played in just 94 games, Keith hit a career-best .321. That was the only time he would ever hit over .300 in a season. Then, in '96, Keith played a career-high 138 games. Because of that, he set a few single season bests like doubles (33) and RBI (55). Then, right before the '97 season began, he was shipped to Atlanta with Michael Tucker for Jaime Walker and Jermaine Dye.

Keith played with the Braves for six seasons. While he was never an everyday player in Atlanta, he was a key contributor that helped the Braves make the playoffs every season he was there. With the Braves, Keith hit .248 with 26 home runs and 166 RBI. In the postseason, he played in 37 games and hit .287 with one dinger and 8 RBI.

I never bought a single pack of Donruss in 1996. I am pretty sure that the only Donruss cards I have from that season were Royals that were sent to me by other bloggers. I have one other card signed from that set and it is a Jeff Montgomery card that I got signed at Fanfest in 2009.

Friday, April 6, 2018

1996 Collector's Choice, Steve Scarsone

#718 Steve Scarsone

Here is the second of two cards that I got signed by Steve Scarsone in 2015. Steve was the skipper of the Nashville Sounds at the time and he signed for me at an Omaha Storm Chasers game. I posted the first card last month and it can be seen here.

Steve played in the Majors for parts of seven seasons with five different clubs- the Orioles, Phillies, Giants, Cardinals, and Royals. Over that time, he was a .239 hitter with 20 home runs and 86 RBI.

The Giants were the only team that Steve saw any significant time with. He played with them for four seasons. He never played in more than fifty games with any other club and played in less than a dozen games with three clubs. With San Francisco, Steve played in 281 games and hit .247 with all 20 of his home runs and 80 of his RBI. Even though he got into 103 games with the 1996 squad, 1995 was his best season. That year, he hit .266 with 11 home runs and 29 RBI.

From what I can tell, all of Steve's Major League cards are of him as a Giant, except for two. There is one of him as a Phillie and one as an Oriole.

The signature on this card came out looking much better than I ever would have expected. The black warm-up jersey and shadowy backdrop are usually not a good combo, but I guess I got lucky on this one.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

1995 Topps, Phil Clark

#298 Phil Clark

Here is another Padrograph that was given to me by Rod when we met up at a Hillsboro Hops game in 2015. Rod has always sent me goodies in the mail and that hospitality was carried over when we finally met.

Phil played in the Majors for parts of five seasons with the Tigers, Padres, and Red Sox. The former first round pick made his big league debut with the Tigers in 1992 and did very well in limited action. He would get 54 at-bats and hit a robust .407 with a home run and 5 driven in. That home run came in his first start and just his second Major League game.

Phil wound up in San Diego in 1993 and he had his best season in the Majors. He got into a career high 102 games and he hit .313 in 240 at-bats with 9 dingers and 33 RBI. He would play two more seasons with the Padres after that, but his at-bats dwindled each year as he only hit about .215 for those two seasons.

He wound up with the Red Sox organization in 1996 and spent most of the year at AAA. He did get into three games with the Sox and he went 0-3 to end his Major League career. The Sox then sold him to the Kintetsu Buffaloes and he would go on to have three monstrous seasons in Japan. In 1998, Phil hit .320 with 31 home runs and 114 RBI. He also had 48 doubles that season, which was a record that stood for just three seasons.

Phil is currently the assistant hitting coach for the Detroit Tigers.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

1995 Topps, Doug Henry

#131 Doug Henry

I am pretty sure that this is the last card of Doug Henry as a Brewer that I will ever post on here. While it seems like I have posted about ten of them already, this is only the fourth one. But, I did post cards of him as an Astro and Met. I still have three more cards to post of him, but two of them are newer minor league cards that may never see the light of day on this blog at the rate I am going.

This card was signed by Doug last season in St. Louis when the Royals, whom Doug was the bullpen coach for, made their annual cross state trek to play the hated Cardinals. I got to the ballpark nice and early to try to 'graph the Royals during BP. But, right after the gates opened, the Royals wrapped up BP and left the field. Brandon Moss was the only player that I saw sign and he just signed a few and not for me.

So, I did what I always do when it is a bad day of 'graphing- I went looking for Doug Henry.

Sadly, Doug is no longer the bullpen coach for the Royals. He has been replaced by Vance Wilson and I do not have any cards of Vance that aren't signed already.

I never noticed this until just now, but this set is kind of hard to judge how well the cards are centered.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

1995 Score, Mike Aldrete

Here is the second card that Mike Aldrete signed for me at Spring Training last year. I posted the first back in July and that one can be seen here. It is pretty sad that I have only made it to my 1995 cards since July. I need to find time to post more.

When I got this card signed, Mike was the A's hitting coach. He has since been demoted to the team's assistant hitting coach. I saw him again this spring and he signed three more cards for me. One of those will be showing up here in the coming months. The other two are older, so it will be years before they make an appearance on here.

Mike played for the A's for two and a half seasons. During his time in Oakland, he played in 231 games and he hit .260 with 18 home runs and 72 RBI. During the 1993 season, Mike clubbed a career high 10 home runs while with the A's.

This is the only card from this set that I have signed and it seems perfect that it is of an Athletic. This set seems like it was meant for that club.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

1995 Bowman, Jaime Bluma

#239 Jaime Bluma

Here is a super foily card of Jamie Bluma that I got signed at a Royals game last year. It was a Sunday game, so I was able to hit up the alumni signing at the Royals Hall of Fame. This card is foiled out to the max and I wasn't too sure how good it would come out. But, it turned out much better than I anticipated. Nonetheless, I am glad that they don't make cards like this anymore.

Jaime was once a highly touted Royals prospect. As a result, he got a few cards made of him before he ever appeared in the Major Leagues. Unfortunately, he only appeared in 17 games at that level, but he did do a respectable job. He came out of the bullpen in all 17 contests and was 0-0 with 5 saves and a 3.60 ERA in 20 innings of work. He ended up missing all of the following season due to injury and pitched three more seasons in the minors before calling it a career.

Even though Jaime only threw 20 Major League innings, it is still cool that he attends a bunch of Royals alumni events. Now I just need to find some more cards of him. All five that I had have been signed.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

1994 Upper Deck, Jason Bere

#146 Jason Bere

Here is the third and final card that Jason Bere signed for me at Kauffman Stadium in 2016. Jason was the bullpen coach for the Indians at the time. You can see the first card I posted of him here and the second one here. Out of the three, this one is my favorite because Jason isn't wearing a black jersey in the photo and the signature is more visible because of that.

Even though Jason got released by the White Sox midway through the 1998 season, he would still go on to pitch for another six seasons. He bounced around a bit, seeing time with the Reds, Indians, Brewers, and Cubs. He never was able to regain the magic he had with the Sox during his first two seasons in the Majors, but he did have one more good season.

That was with the Cubs in 2001. His arm must have been feeling good that season as he started more games and threw more innings than any other season he ever pitched. He posted an 11-11 record to tally his third double-digit win season and his 4.31 ERA was the lowest he had had since his second season in the Majors. On top of that, he struck out a career-high 175 batters.

Jason finished his career with a 71-65 record with a 5.14 ERA. He pitched in one playoff game and one All Star Game.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

1994 Stadium Club, Jason Bere

#212 Jason Bere

Here is the second card that Jason Bere signed for me at a Royals game in 2016. Jason was the Indians bullpen coach at the time and he signed for me from the visiting team's bullpen.

Jason pitched with the White Sox for the first five and a half seasons of his career. Over that time, he was 39-32 with a 5.21 ERA. His career got off to a great start with Chicago. In his rookie season, Jason went 12-5 with a 3.47 ERA. He followed that season up with a 12-2 mark and a 3.81 ERA the next year and earned himself his lone All Star Game invite. But, the wheels fell off the next season and Jason went 8-15 with a 7.19 ERA. He started having arm problems after that and would make only eleven appearances over the next two seasons. He was back for the 1998 season and had a 3-7 record and a 6.45 ERA when the Sox released him mid-season.

Jason got to pitch in the All Star game that he made in 1994 and it did not go too well for him. Jason got the nod in the tenth inning of a 7-7 game. He gave up a lead-off single to Tony Gwynn (who started the game) and followed that up with a double to Moises Alou that scored Gwynn. Game over.

Monday, March 26, 2018

1994 Score, Chip Hale

#609 Chip Hale

If you have been wondering where I have been the last couple of weeks, I was prepping for my Spring Training trip last week. We left for Arizona last Monday and got back Saturday morning. We ended up going to three Spring Training games, two minor league camps, and one college game. I did okay on the 'graphing front, bringing home seventy-five signed cards and a signed batting glove. My goal was 100 cards, so I came up a bit short. I had planned on hitting the White Sox minor league camp hard, but it wasn't open the day we where there. So, we ended up in Maryvale for the Brewers and I was not as prepared for them as I was for the Sox. But, overall, it was a good trip.

Speaking of Spring Training, here is a card that I got signed at Spring Training last year. Chip was the third base coach for the A's at the time and he signed three cards for me before a game. I posted the first one three months ago and it can be seen here.

As for the A's, I really like 'graphing that club at Spring Training. I have hit them up three times over the years and I always do really well, especially with the coaches. It was the same this year as I got twenty-one cards signed by them at the Angels game I attended. On top of that, I got one of Marcus Semien's batting gloves and he signed that for me as well.

As for Chip, he is no longer with the A's. He is now the bench coach for the Nationals.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

1994 Pinnacle, Greg Gagne

#354 Greg Gagne

Here is a card that I got signed through the mail this past November. Greg seemed like a good TTM signer, so I sent this card to him just to have an autograph from him on a Royals card. It took him just eight days to get this one back to me.

Even though Greg spent three seasons in Kansas City, I still always think of him as a Twin. I guess that is because he spent his first ten seasons as a big leaguer in Minnesota. Over that time, he helped the club to two World Series titles as the starting shortstop in all fourteen Fall Classic games.

Even though Greg built his reputation with the Twins, he was a very solid player when he came to Kansas City in 1993. In fact, he probably had his best season ever that summer. He set career-highs in average (.280), doubles (32), and RBI (57) en route to being named the Royals Player of the Year.

Greg finished his career with a .254 average with 111 home runs and 604 RBI. In 2009, he was named to the All-Metrodome team.

Friday, March 9, 2018

1994 Leaf, Jason Bere

#241 Jason Bere

Here is the first of three cards that I got signed by Jason Bere at a Royals game in 2016. Jason was the Indians bullpen coach at the time and he was the lone signer for me on a warm July afternoon.

Even though Jason pitched in the Majors for eleven seasons with five different clubs, I could only find White Sox cards of him to get signed. Plus, all three cards were from 1994 sets. So, there will be a nice little dose of Jason on here over the next four posts.

After three seasons as the Tribe's bullpen coach, Jason has moved on to other things this year. What those other things are, I do not know. But, I do know that the new bullpen coach in Cleveland is Scott Atchison. It looks like Scott only has two cards and I do not have either one.

To my surprise, this is the only card from the '94 Leaf set that I have signed.

Monday, March 5, 2018

1994 Fleer, Steve Scarsone

#701 Steve Scarsone

Here is the first of two cards that I got signed by Steve Scarsone when I was in Omaha in 2015. Steve was the manager for the visiting Nashville Sounds and he stopped to sign for me on the way out to the field.

Omaha's Werner Park has a cool set-up where both the home and visiting clubhouses are in left field. To get to the field, both teams use a ramp that leads down under the concourse to the field. Because of that, it is one of the best spots in baseball to do some 'graphing because you can get players from both teams in one area. It can get a little hectic, though, when there are a bunch of guys heading to the field at once, so you have got to be real organized there. But, other than that, it is a great set-up that is rivaled only by the Round Rock Express, who have a similar set-up.

As for Steve, he is no longer with the Sounds. But, he is still in the A's organization. He is currently listed as their coordinator of baserunning/defense.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

1994 Fleer, Darnell Coles

#328 Darnell Coles

Here is the third and final card that Darnell Coles signed for my oldest boy at Spring Training last year. Darnell is the batting coach for the Brewers and he signed at Goodyear Ballpark at a game against the Reds. We saw the Brewers twice last spring and I tasked my son with 'graphing them for me. He didn't do great, but I have definitely had far worse days than he had.

We are going to see the Brewers play again this spring. Only this time, I will be 'graphing the club. Darnell is not a high priority this year, but I have pulled a Pirates card of him if he happens to sign. He already signed a Tiger and Mariner card for me. I will only need a Reds card signed by him if I get the Pirates one done.

Darnell played for the Blue Jays for two seasons. Over that time, he hit .234 with 8 home runs and 41 RBI. Despite playing for the World Champion Blue Jays in 1993, Darnell was not on any of their playoff rosters.

Friday, March 2, 2018

1994 Bowman, Todd Hollandsworth

#359 Todd Hollandsworth

This is the second time that I posted a card of Todd Hollandsworth on here. I picked up a signed Signature Rookies card of him for sixty cents once and I posted that card almost four years ago. This one, on the other hand, was picked up in a trade with Night Owl a couple years back. I pulled a Jackie Robinson manu-bat knob out of a pack of Topps and I offered it up to him. In return, he sent me a small handful of signed Dodger cards. It was win-win for everybody.

If you compare this card to the Rick Forney card I posted yesterday, you will notice that this card is a bit different than Forney's '94 Bowman. This one is almost metallic with the Dodger logo etched into the backdrop. I looked up to see that this parallel was called and it turns out that it is not a parallel. It is just a cool looking base card.

Todd actually had two base cards in this set. The other one was just a normal card, though. It looks like both cards used the same photo, but this one is cropped a little tighter.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

1993 Bowman, Rick Forney

#327 Rick Forney

Here is a card that I got signed at a Wichita Wingnuts game in 2015. Rick is the manager of the Winnipeg Goldeyes and I was able to get him to sign this lone card prior to the game.

Rick never reached the Major Leagues, but he did pitch in the Baltimore organization for six seasons. Over that time, he amassed a 47-32 record and a 3.54 ERA. He reached as high as AAA, getting three starts with the Rochester Red Wings in 1995. He was released after that season and spent five more seasons pitching in independent leagues, with a brief stop in the Southern League with the Braves affiliate.

Rick has been the manager of the Goldeyes since the 2005 season. Under his helm, the team has made the playoffs nine times and have won three championships, including back-to-back wins the last two seasons. His clubs have had a losing record only twice since he took over.

I barely have any 1994 Bowman in my collection, so I had to venture over to COMC to pick this one up.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

1993 Upper Deck, Doug Henry

#395 Doug Henry

Here is another card of Doug Henry, the Royals former bullpen coach. In my last post about Doug, and probably all the posts about Doug, I talked about how he was my go-to guy if I was striking out on autographs at the ballpark. I knew I could always head down to the Royals bullpen and grab one from him so that I didn't go home empty handed. That was the case this past August when I took the family to St. Louis to see the Royals play.

I have been to a handful of Royals/Cardinals games in Kansas City and, to be honest, I never really cared for them because there were always too many Cardinal fans for my liking. But, I have always wanted to make the trip to St. Louis to see how the match-up was on the other side of the state. To my amazement, it was much better than taking in the game in Kansas City.

Royals/Cards games in Kansas City bring out the loud, obnoxious, super annoying Cardinal fans that nobody wants to be around. I have been to a Cubs/Cardinals game in Chicago and it was the same story there. But the Royals/Cards game in St. Louis was a whole new ballgame as it was just your normal, casual fans. We were all rocking our Royals gear all day long, from a riverboat ride, to the arch, to a local brewery, and throughout the game. Not once did we hear any of the usual crap we normally hear in Kansas City. They say Cardinal fans are some of the best in the game and they just might be right, when in St. Louis.

As for 'graphing the game, it was a stinker. The only Royal that stopped after batting practice to sign was Brandon Moss and he only signed a few and not for me. I went out to the outfield a little later and tried to get Cardinals bullpen coach, Blaise Ilsley, to sign for me. He turned me down, so I turned to old faithful, Doug Henry.

Monday, February 26, 2018

1993 Upper Deck, Tom Candiotti

#98 Tom Candiotti

Here is the second card that Tom Candiotti signed for me in Kansas City this past season. Tom is a broadcaster for Diamondback games on the radio and he stopped to sign for me after hopping off the team bus. I posted the first card last month and it can be seen here. I have one more card of Tom to post, but, since it is an older card, it will be years before it makes its way on here.

Tom pitched for the Dodgers for six seasons. Over that time, he racked up a 52-64 record with a 3.57 ERA and 718 strikeouts. He pitched in one postseason game for them, a 1996 divisional series match-up. He came into game three against the Braves, trailing 5-0. He pitched two perfect frames before being lifted for a pinch hitter. The Dodgers lost the game as the Braves completed the sweep.

If I had to guess, I might bet that this photo was taken July 7th, 1992. On that day, Tom pitched a complete game shutout against the Reds as the Dodgers won the game 1-0. He allowed just three hits and struck out five.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

1993 Topps, Ed Pierce

#803 Ed Pierce

Since the conclusion of the 2017 regular season, I have really hit up the TTM autograph scene. I just counted how many cards I have got back since then and was a little amazed- 82 signed cards in about five months. There have been three main focuses for me when sending out cards. I have been adding signed '81 Donruss, former Royals, and Senior League cards to the collection, as well as some occasional vintage. This is one of those returns and it obviously falls into the former Royal category.

Ed made just two Major League appearances in his career and he did good enough to earn this "Coming Attraction" card from Topps. He made one start and had one relief appearance during his 1992 September call up with the Royals. In his start, he pitched four innings and gave up two run on eight hits with three strikeouts. He then pitched an inning and a third six days later and allowed no runs on one hit. And that was that for Ed. His career numbers are 5.1 innings with no record and a 3.38 ERA. He went on to pitch three more seasons in the minors before calling it a career.

I sent this card to Ed in early December and I had it back eleven days later.

If you want to see some of the recent TTM successes that I have got back, check me out on Twitter- @zmills40

Saturday, February 24, 2018

1993 Topps, Gene Lamont

#504 Gene Lamont

Here is the second card that Gene Lamont signed for me at a Royals game in 2016. Gene was a coach for the Tigers at the time and he stopped for me outside of the ballpark to sign my two cards. I posted the first card back in November and that one can be seen here.

Gene managed in the Majors for parts of eight seasons with the White Sox and Pirates. Over that time, his clubs went 553-562. That record is better than I thought it would be considering that he managed in Pittsburgh in the late '90s.

Gene's 1993 White Sox team won the AL West with a 92-70 record before losing the ALCS to the Blue Jays in six games. The Sox had a good team the following year, too. But the strike ruined any hope of a chance at a championship. The team then came out flat in the 1995 season and Gene was replaced after an 11-20 start. Gene finished his tenure in Chicago with a 258-210 record.

Gene is no longer with the Tigers organization. He was a holdover from the Jim Leyland days. But, he was ousted with Brad Ausmus after this last season. He is now working with the Royals as a Senior Adviser to the GM.

Sadly, Don Baylor passed away before I got around a finishing this card off.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

1993 Topps, Doug Henry

#343 Doug Henry

To my amazement, this is only the fourth card of Doug Henry that I have posted on here. Doug has been the bullpen coach for the Royals the last five seasons and he was always my go-to on a bad 'graphing day. Any time I struck out getting autographs from players, I always knew that I could venture down to the Royals bullpen and grab one from Doug. That was how I got this one signed at a game in 2014.

Unfortunately, the Royals did some shaking up with their coaching staffs and Doug has been demoted. Despite being with the big league club for five seasons and being the AAA pitching coach before that, Doug has dropped down to the pitching coach for the high-A Wilmington Blue Rocks. Taking Doug's spot in Kansas City is Vance Wilson.

I have no idea if Vance will be as accommodating as Doug was at the ballpark. But, if he is, I need to find some cards of him. I have one card of him and I got it signed at Spring Training in 2013 when he was the manager for the Royals AA team.

If anybody has any extra cards of Vance that they would like to trade, hit me up. He seems to have a decent amount of Mets cards from 2002-2004 and they must be a hot commodity right now. For whatever reason, COMC has one card of Vance for under a buck while all the rest are in the two to three dollar range. Or, you can even buy his base 2003 Topps card for $20.25. What is up with that?

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

1993 Stadium Club, Freddie Benavides

#456 Freddie Benavides

Here is a card that I got signed at Spring Training last season at the Reds game I attended. Freddie is the first base coach for the Reds and he signed for me by the Reds dugout. This was the only card that he signed.

Freddie spent parts of four seasons in the Majors with the Reds, Rockies, and Expos. Over that time, he was a .253 hitter with 4 home runs and 52 RBI while playing all four infield positions.

Freddie had his best season playing for the expansion Rockies in 1993. He played in 74 games that year and had career highs in average (.276), home runs (3), and RBI (26). He took the field as the starting shortstop in the Rockies first game and, like most of his teammates that day against Doc Gooden, went hitless in three at-bats.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

1993 Select, Dan Gladden

#244 Dan Gladden

Here is a card of Dan Gladden that I got signed at a Royals game last season. The Twins were in town and Dan is a broadcaster for the team. I noticed him on the field during batting practice and I got him to come over and sign for me right before he left the field.

That was the second time that I got Dan to sign for me. I got him at The Ballpark in Arlington (or whatever it was called at the time) in 2009 and that card can be seen here. When I got that card signed, I gave Dan my book with three cards of him and he just signed the one. This time, eight years later, I gave him my book with two cards to sign. Those two cards were the same two cards that he didn't sign in Texas. The next time I see Dan, I am sure I will just have his '86 Topps card to sign, the one he didn't sign the other two times.

Dan spent his last two seasons with Detroit. In 1993, his final season in the Majors, he had a good year. Though he played in just 91 games, he still hit .267 and had a single season best of 13 home runs. His 56 RBI were the second most that he ever had in a season.

Dan would play the 1994 season in Japan before calling it a career.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

1992-93 Fleer Excel, Les Norman

#176 Les Norman

Here is a card that my dad got signed for me at Royals Fanfest in 2016. That was the worst Fanfest that I ever went to thanks to the team winning the World Series a few months beforehand. Because of that, fans came out in droves to see the team. I even saw Marlins Man at the event.

I took my dad, my oldest boy, and one of his friends with me. When we got in, all the autograph lines were full and people were lining up for the signings that started ninety minutes later. Normally, I would have got in that line. But, since I had the kids with me, I said screw it and stayed out of the autograph lines that day. I still managed a handful of signatures from an alumni signing spot and from guys giving instruction at the wiffleball field.

That was where my dad got this card signed. I was in the long line with the boys to get their picture with the World Series trophy. Next thing I know, my dad came up to me and told me to give him a card of Norman and Jerry Terrell and he would get them signed for me. How cool is that? My dad sure has come a long way from when I first started doing this over ten years ago. I used to have to nearly push him to venture over to get me an autograph and now he takes it upon himself. I really never would have thought he would have transitioned the way he did.

As for Les, he was recently on "The Wheel of Fortune". I guess the show came through Kansas City and he somehow got picked to participate. I never saw the airing, but he apparently won $17,650.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

1993 Donrus, Ozzie Canseco

#336 Ozzie Canseco

Here is the fifth and final card of Ozzie Canseco that I got signed during his days in the American Association. Ozzie was the hitting coach for the Sioux Falls Canaries and I got this particular card signed at a Wingnuts game in 2016.

Ozzie's career in St. Louis lasted all of fifteen games. He played in nine games in 1992 and six in 1993. Over his 54 at-bats with the organization, he hit .239 with 5 doubles and 3 RBI. Despite playing in just nine games in '92, Ozzie still managed to appear in six different '93 sets- Bowman, Donruss, Pacific, Pinnacle, Score, and Stadium Club. That was one of the benefits of having more than one company making cards, there was more opportunities for lesser players to have cards made of them.

Between Ozzie and his twin brother, Jose, they have a combined 462 home runs between the two of them. The only problem is that Jose hit all 462 of those bombs. Despite hitting over 100 home runs in the affiliated minor leagues, Ozzie was not able to knock one out of the park in any of his 74 Major League plate appearances.

Nonetheless, Ozzie was super nice the two times that I met him and seemed to appreciate signing for me. At the very least, he liked seeing the cards I had of him as it really took him back.

Here are the other four cards that I got signed by Ozzie.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

1993 Classic/Best, Pete Rose, Jr.

#17 Pete Rose, Jr.

Here is the second card of Pete Rose, Jr. that I have posted on here. I posted the first one back in November and that one can be seen here.

Pete was the manager for the Wichita Wingnuts the last two seasons and I got this card signed at a game in 2016. Pete's contract with the Wingnuts did not get renewed, so he is moving on this year.

I mentioned in the last post of Pete that I was excited to see who the new Wingnut manager was going to be. I was hoping that it was a former player that had Major League experience and I got what I had hoped for. The only problem is that the new manager played for the Winguts for three or four seasons and I have four cards signed by him already. So, that did not got the way I had wanted.

I absolutely love the photo on this card. With the dust yet to settle, it just screams Pete Rose.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

1993 Bowman, Billy Ashley

#210 Billy Ashley

Here is a card that I picked up in a trade with an unlikely trade partner. A few years ago, I pulled a Jackie Robinson manu-bat knob out of a pack of Topps. While the card was really neat, it did not fit into my collection. I offered it up to Night Owl in exchange for some autographed cards.

I fully expected to get a few certified autos of some lesser known Dodgers. But, Night Owl surprised me by sending me three cards like this and a couple of certified lesser known Dodger autographs. Night Owl will be the first to tell you that he is not an autograph collector. Sure, he has some and has even sent out a few TTMs to some of his favorite players, but it is typically not something he chases. Because of that, I did not expect to get any cards like this. My only guess is that he is such a great trader on the blogosphere that he gradually acquires cards like this. However he does it is fine by me as I fully appreciated the trade.

Billy Ashley was supposed to be a big thing in LA. He was the supposed to be battling out his fellow Dodger rookies for Rookie of the Year honors. He absolutely killed in in AAA, having back-to-back 100 RBI seasons and hitting 37 homers in 1994, winning Minor League player of the year honors.

But, he was unable to translate that success to the Major League level. He only played in 268 games with the Dodgers over a six year span. During that time, he hit .231 with 25 home runs and 77 RBI. He had almost 100 more strikeouts than hits as a Dodger. The Dodgers released him prior to the start of the 1998 season and the Red Sox picked him up. He got into 13 games with the Red Sox that season before spending the rest of his career mostly playing for independent minor league teams.

I love this look of this card. When I think of 1993 Bowman, I do not think of horizontal cards. I wonder if all of the horizontal cards in packs of '93 Bowman were all together in the pack like they are with current Topps packs. That is doubtful because Topps used to know how to collate cards.

Friday, February 2, 2018

1992 Topps, Tim Teufel

#413 Tim Teufel

Here is a Padrograph of Tim Teufel that was given to me by Rod in 2015 when we met up at a Hillsboro Hops game. While I always get a mixed bag of stuff from Rod, this one was pretty cool because it is a known name of someone that I do not associate with the Padres. Even though Tim spent the bulk of his career with the Mets, I always picture him as a Twin.

Tim spent eleven seasons in the Majors, mostly manning second base. Over that time, he hit .254 with 86 dingers and 379 RBI. He was a regular his first couple of seasons in the league before moving to a back-up role. His best season was with the Mets in 1987. Though he only got 299 at-bats, he had a career best average of .308 while matching his best in home runs (14) and RBI (61). He originally hit the 14 and 61 mark with the Twins in 1984. The one difference was that it took him 568 at-bats to reach those numbers.

In 1986, Tim played in three games in the Word Series and did pretty good. He was 4-9 with a double and a solo home run. He made just one more trip to the postseason, but was 0-3 in one start of the 1988 NLCS.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

1992 Stadium Club, Tony Perezchica

#454 Tony Perezchica

Here is the second and final card that I got signed by Tony Perezchica this past season. Tony is the third base coach for the Diamondbacks and he stopped briefly to sign after getting off the team bus. I posted the other card in November and it can be seen here.

I find it amusing that I have four Major League cards of Ozzie Canseco, who played in 24 Major League games. Tony, on the other hand, played in almost three times as many games as Ozzie. They have about the same number of base cards made, but this is the only non-minor league card of Tony that I have.

Tony got into 35 games with the Indians in 1991 and '92. In those games, he got 44 at-bats and he hit .238 with 3 doubles and an RBI. He finished his career as a .228 hitter.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

1992 Skybox AAA, Ozzie Canseco

#124 Ozzie Canseco

Here is the fourth card of Ozzie Canseco that I have to show on here. Ozzie was the hitting coach for a season and a half with the American Association's Sioux Falls Canaries. The four cards were signed on two separate occasions at Wichita Wingnut games.

Ozzie had a few minor league cards that were available in packs, but this is the only one I have. It comes from the Skybox set that looks nearly identical to the Line Drive set from the previous year. How or why the two sets look nearly the same is unknown to me. I do know that I have very few of the Skybox cards, so I probably wasn't very impressed with the copycat look.

Ozzie was released by the A's after the 1990 season. He went to Japan in 1991 (though I can find no stats for him) before coming back to the States for the 1992 season. He spent most of '92 in Louisville and he hit 22 home runs for them, the most he ever hit in a single season at any level.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

1992 Score, Don Wakamatsu

#814 Don Wakamatsu

Here is a card of Don Wakamatsu that I got signed outside of Kauffman Stadium last season. Don was the bench coach for the Royals at the time.

That was the second time that I got Don to sign outside of The K for me. I got him to sign a manager card for me the previous season. I didn't have this card at the time, though, so I ended up buying it just to have a card from his playing days signed. This is the only base Major League card of him ever made from when he was playing.

Don got just a cup of coffee with the White Sox in 1991. While he spent well over a month in the big leagues, he was limited to just 18 games with 9 of those being starts. Over those 18 games, he hit .226 with no extra base hits or RBI. He walked once, struck out 6 times, and scored 2 runs. Then that was it as a Major League player.

Don will not be returning to the Royals this coming season. They let him go and Dale Sveum got promoted from hitting coach to bench coach. Don will now be the bench coach for the Rangers.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

1992 Score, Tony Fossas

#389 Tony Fossas

Here is the third and final card that I got signed by Tony Fossas at Spring Training last year. Tony was working with the Reds at the time and he signed for me while the team's minor league players were having their morning practice. You can see the first card of him that I posted here and the second one here.

Those first two cards both showed Tony with the Brewers. For whatever reason, I seem to have a decent amount of signatures from Brewers pitchers. Luckily, I was able to find this card and mix it up a bit. Even though I am not a Red Sox fan, signed cards of Red Sox players do not appear on this blog enough.

Tony pitched for the Sox for four seasons in the early '90s. During his tenure in Boston, he went 7-5 with 4 saves and a 3.98 ERA. It was with the Sox that he settled into his LOOGY role, pitching just 160.2 innings over 239 appearances.

After leaving Boston, Tony went on to pitch with the Cardinals, Mariners, Cubs, Rangers, and Yankees. He finished his twelve year career with a record of 17-24 with 7 saves and 3.90 ERA.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

1992 O-Pee-Chee Premier, Jeff Fassero

#119 Jeff Fassero

Here is the first of three cards that I got signed by Jeff Fassero at Spring Training last year. Jeff was the pitching coach for the AAA affiliate of the Reds, but he was nowhere to be found at the minor league diamonds that morning. But, he did show up at the Major League game and another fan pointed him out to me. That particular fan was impressed that I actually had a card of Jeff with me.

Jeff pitched with the Expos for six seasons. Over that time, he went 58-48 with a 3.20 ERA and 750 strikeouts. His best season was with Montreal in 1996. He was 15-11 with a 3.30 ERA and a career best 222 strikeouts. That was the only 200 strikeout season of his career.

I am heading up to Royals Fanfest tomorrow. Why I keep going there year after year, I do not know. It seems like it gets worse every year. But, hopefully, with three big names gone, there will be less people there and I will be able to get some cards signed. Salvy is still priority number one as I still do not have any cards signed by him even though he has been with the team for seven years.

My biggest concern this year is that there are quite a few guys slated to be there that I do not have cards for. Most of them are young players that have no cards, but there are a small handful where every card I have of them is signed already. I just worry about sitting in a line for an hour and a half and then Scott Barlow comes out to sign.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

1992 Donruss, Tom Candiotti

#459 Tom Candiotti

Here is the first of three cards that Tom Candiotti signed for me on the last day of the regular season last year. Tom does radio for the Diamondbacks and the club was in Kansas City to finish out the year. I got to the park nice and early that day and was lucky enough to catch Tom as he was coming off of the team bus.

When I think of that Candy Man, I picture him playing for the Indians and Dodgers. Well, it turns out that he pitched for the Brewers, Blue Jays, and A's, too. His time in Toronto was extremely short, though. He was acquired by the club mid-season in 1991. Down the stretch, we went 6-7 with a 2.98 ERA and helped the Jays secure the division by seven games.

Unfortunately, he was not much help for the club when the postseason began. He got two starts against the eventual World Champion Twins and took the loss in Game One after failing to get out of the third inning. He got the start in Game Five, but got a no decision after the bullpen blew the three run lead it was handed. For the series, he had an 8.22 ERA over 7.2 innings. He gave up 17 hits and walked 2 while striking out 5.

The Jays did not bring Tom back after that season and he signed with the Dodgers.

I am kind of surprised that this is the only '92 Donruss I have to post. It seems like I have a ton of '92 Donruss and Fleer. But, I have so much that I hate going through them to pull cards. I know the card is in there, I would just rather not have to dig through so many cards to find it.

The '92 Donruss design sure looks good on Blue Jay cards, though.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

1992 Classic/Best, Marcus Hanel

#242 Marcus Hanel

Here is the second of two cards that Marcus Hanel signed for my older boy at Spring Training last year. Marcus is the bullpen catcher for the Brewers and my boy, with the help from some other 'graphers, was able to get him before a game at Goodyear Ballpark.

It just so happened that the three games we were going to see last year all had the Brewers as the visiting team. Since my boy could care less about autographs, and there is usually less for him to do at a Spring Training park than a Major League park, I put him to work 'graphing the Brewers for me. To make it worth his while, I told him I would give him a dollar for every autograph he got. For some reason, he thought he was going to make $50. But 'graphing is not his thing, and we only made it to two games, so he was only able to get fourteen cards signed. I was more pleased than he was and gave him twenty bucks for his efforts.

As for Marcus, he never made it to the show. He spent eleven seasons in the minors with Pirates, Braves, and D-Backs. He made it to AAA, playing in 37 games at the level over three different seasons. For his career, he was a .193 hitter.

If you check out Hanel's bio on the Brewers coaching staff page, you can learn some interesting fact about him. For starters, he has been the bullpen catcher for the Brewers for eighteen seasons. But, more importantly, he can hold seven baseballs in one hand and he holds the record for the most cheesesteaks consumed in the Phillies visiting team clubhouse over a three and four day stay. In 2015, Marcus smashed 18 cheesesteaks in three days. He had five more on the fourth day for 23 for the four game set. This makes me want to look up the Royals bullpen catcher's bio to see if he even compares to Marcus.

Back in the day, I really loved this set. I am pretty sure I even bought a box of it. But, for whatever reason, I do not have very many cards from the set signed. This one is just the eighth card from it that I have signed and the first one I got signed since 2009. I guess the main drawback for the set is that it does not feature any AAA players, so most of the guys never made it to the Majors. That is my theory at least.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

1991 Topps, Mark Parent

#358 Mark Parent

It only took four months, but here is the third and final card of Mark Parent that I got signed at a Royals game in 2015. Mark was the bench coach for the White Sox at the time. You can see the first card here and the second one here.

Mark played in the Majors for thirteen seasons with the Padres, Rangers, Orioles, Cubs, Pirates, Tigers, and Phillies. Over that time, he hit .214 with 53 home runs and 168 RBI. His best season was in 1995, a year split between the Pirates and Cubs. Spending the majority of the year with Pittsburgh, Mark played in a career-high 81 games. Over that span, he hit .234 and had single season bests in home runs (18) and RBI (38). Besides that season, the most dingers he had in a year was 11.

I mentioned in that last post I did of Mark that I have a hard time doing a second and third post of a player (or a sixth, seventh, or eighth of a Royal). Luckily, Rod left a comment on that card that had some neat facts about Mark. The one I liked the most was that Mark was once ejected from a game during the pregame line-up exchange. It was while he was coaching with the Sox and he apparently brought up something from the night before. That is classic!

Monday, January 15, 2018

1991 Topps, Ozzie Canseco

#162 Ozzie Canseco

Here is Ozzie Canseco card number three. This one, however, was signed by him in 2016, a year after the first two. Ozzie was the hitting coach for the Sioux Falls Canaries at the time and I got the cards signed by him at a Wichita Wingnuts game.

This is the only base Topps card of Ozzie, which is kind of surprising. While Ozzie had a very short Major League career (24 games), he had a decent amount of cards made of him. I am sure that it mostly because of his name. Upper Deck and Score each made two base cards of Ozzie. Every other brand made just one, except for Fleer. Fleer only had an Update card of him. Sure, Ozzie appeared in a Bowman set and Stadium Club, but this his only regular issue Topps card.

Ozzie played in just nine games with the A's. In those games, he got 19 at-bats and only 2 hits. One of those hits was a double and he also drove in a run. The downside to his limited Oakland days were his strikeouts. Ozzie fanned 10 times. That was the main reason for his .105 batting average.

The A's released Ozzie after the 1990 season and he spent '91 playing in Japan.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

1991 Stadium Club, Darryl Strawberry

#301 Darryl Strawberry

Two summers ago, Darryl Strawberry made an appearance at a church in Wichita to preach. While I don't usually get all excited to go to church, I made an exception that day. The whole family made the trip to see and hear him and we all got to meet him afterwards. While his message might not have been entirely appropriate for our eleven year old, it was still a good message all the same. After his sermon, we got to get some cards signed and get our picture taken with him. I am sure I will show that picture on one of the posts.

Darryl played for four teams during his career and I got cards signed from three of those teams. I already posted the Mets card, so here is the Dodger one. Needless to say, Darryl's tenure in Los Angeles did not go as well as anyone would have hoped. He did good his first season there, hitting .265 with 28 home runs and 99 RBI. But, he could not stay healthy the next two seasons and played in only 75 games over the two years. The Dodgers ended up releasing Darryl during the 1994 season with a year and a half left on his contract.

With LA, Darryl hit just .243 with 38 home runs and 136 RBI.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

1991 Score, Danny Darwin

#24T Danny Darwin

Here is the third and final card that Danny Darwin signed for me at Spring Training last year. Danny was the pitching coach for the Reds AAA team and I got him to sign for me at the Reds minor league practice. You can see the first card I posted here and the second one here. On top of that, I got him through the mail on an '81D eight years ago and that one can be seen here.

That makes four signed cards of Danny Darwin with four different teams- the Rangers, Brewers, Astros, and Red Sox. Danny went on to pitch with four more clubs after his time in Boston, so I still have some work to do to get a card signed of him with each team he played for. That is probably not going to happen since there are not very many cards of him with the other four teams and I can't seem to find a single card of him with the White Sox.

Danny pitched for Boston for four seasons. During his tenure there, he went 34-31 with 3 saves and a 4.14 ERA.

By the time Danny was done pitching in Boston, he had played for four teams over a seventeen year career. He went on to pitch four more seasons, but he bounced around considerably. 1995 was spent with the Blue Jays and Rangers. 1996 was with the Pirates and Astros. 1997 was with the White Sox and Giants. 1998, his final season, was all spent with the Giants.

Danny finished his career with a 171-182 record with 32 saves and a 3.84 ERA.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

1991 Score, Donovan Osborne

#677 Donovan Osborne

Here is the third and final card that I won in a Twitter contest in 2015. This card was actually the main prize and the other two cards were just thrown in. Those two cards featured Eric Bullock and Don Slaught.

Donovan pitched in the Majors for nine seasons. He spent the majority of the time with the Cardinals, but spent the last two with the Cubs and Yankees. Over his career, he racked up a 49-46 record with a 4.03 ERA.

His best season was with the Cards in 1996. That season, he won a career high 13 games while posting a 3.53 ERA and 134 strikeouts, both also career highs.

Donovan was the thirteenth pick in the 1990 draft out of UNLV. He made his Major League debut just two years later.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

1991 Orioles Crown, Rex Hudler

#201 Rex Hudler

Here is the lone card of Rex Hudler as an Oriole. Wonder Dog played in just 14 games with the O's in 1986. In the 14 games, he either entered the game as a defensive replacement or a pinch runner. Because of that, he only came to the plate one time in an Orioles uniform and he flew out to center. But, he did manage to steal a base and score a run. On top of that, Baltimore was 12-2 in the games that Hud played in.

Rex signed this card for me two years ago at Royals Fanfest.

This is the second card from this set in my collection. The first one was given to me by O's super-graph collector, Ryan, from The Great Orioles Autograph Project. It featured Dick Hall.

I really like the concept of this set. I believe it was a stadium giveaway and it features every player that had played with the team up to that point. It looks like it came in sheets and you probably had to attend a few games to get the complete set.

As far as I have noticed, there are a few other teams that have done a set like this. I know the Brewers, Dodgers, and Rangers all have and I believe that the Mets and Yankees did sets as well. Unfortunately, I have yet to acquire a card from any of those sets.

Speaking of Royals Fanfest, the initial list of players to appear has been released and it is looking really bleak this year. There are currently three players that I have no cards for that are scheduled out of the nineteen. Since they never tell you who is going to be signing when and where, it really sucks sitting in line for an hour just to find out that Cam Gallagher is the person you have been waiting on.

Monday, January 8, 2018

1991 Line Drive AAA, Johnny Guzman

#536 Johnny Guzman

Just like the last card I posted, this one was also given to me by Rod, from Pardographs, when we met up at a Hillsboro Hops game in 2015.

While I was familiar with this card, since it was in my collection, I was not familiar with Johnny Guzman as a player. Like most of the players in the Line Drive sets, I just assumed that he never played in the Major Leagues. Turns out I was wrong. Johnny logged 8 innings in the Majors with the A's in 1991 and '92. While he did earn one win, it was a rocky 8 innings. He ended up striking out 3 and only walking 2. But, he gave up 9 runs on 19 hits to the tune of a 10.13 ERA. In Johnny's defense, he did not allow a home run and he was 21 or younger in each of his appearances.

In his one win, Johnny entered a tie game with two outs in the eighth with two runners on. After going to a full count, he got the Tigers Lou Whitaker to ground out to the second baseman to end the inning. The A's came up in the bottom half of the inning and put up a six spot to secure the victory. Some guy named Dennis Eckersly came out for the A's and pitched the ninth inning.

Johnny would go on to pitch only one more season before calling it quits at the age of 22. Though coming out of the Dominican Republic back then, it is hard to say if that was his actual age or not. But, that is pure speculation on my part.

Friday, January 5, 2018

1991 Line Drive AAA, Charlie Manuel

#99 Charlie Manuel

Here is another random card that was given to me by Rod, from Padrographs. This sucker is a little bent out of shape. But, it is an autograph from a World Series winning manager, so I don't really care.

Did you know that Charlie Manuel managed the Indians for parts of three seasons? I'm not sure what I was doing those three years, but I do not remember that at all. He is ingrained as a Phillie in my mind and that is all I can picture him as.

But, before managing in the Majors for twelve seasons and making the playoffs six times, Charlie spent six seasons managing AAA ball with four different clubs. Over those six seasons, his teams made the playoffs twice.

Before becoming a manager, Cornbread Charlie played in the Majors for parts of six seasons with the Twins and Dodgers. During that time, he hit .198 with 4 home runs and 43 RBI.

With this card, I have autographs from the manager and two coaches of the Sky Sox in this set. Jim Gabella and Rick Adair were the coaches and you can see their dual signed card here.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

1991 Line Drive AA, Tom Carcione

#281 Tom Carcione

Here is a card that I got this past summer while I was in Lincoln, Nebraska. It was on our College World Series trip. When we make the trip, we usually camp out at a small state lake in Iowa. But, the state park was changed to a day use only park with no camping. When I found that out, I looked into another state park in Nebraska. But, with the chance of severe thunderstorms for the weekend, we opted to stay in a hotel in Lincoln. It is a little out of they way, but is so much cheaper than Omaha during the series.

So, the night we got to Lincoln, we went to a Lincoln Saltdogs game (American Association). I had cards of two of their coaches to get signed and got them both before the game started. We only stayed four or five innings. True to the weather report, it rained cats and dogs for almost an hour. Luckily, we made it out of the park before it came and sat out the storm at Blue Blood Brewery.

Tom played five seasons in the A's minor league system, reaching AA in parts of three of those seasons. For his affiliated career, Tom was a .229 hitter with 19 home runs and 151 RBI.

Tom is the Saltdogs hitting coach.