Friday, January 2, 2009


Time is running out. You have less than six hours to enter.

I'm starting off the new year with the first ever Autographed Cards contest. But first, here is what I'm giving away.

I'm actually having two contests at the same time. Here's the packs that I'm giving away. The left number goes to winner #1 and the right number goes to winner #2.
07 Topps 2- 4/4
03 UD First Pitch- 1/0
03 Topps Opening Day- 1/1
92 Baseball Inquirer- 1/0
90 Fleer 3/4
90 Donruss- 3/4
90 Score 1/1
89 Donruss 1/1
89 Topps 1 plus jumbo/2
88 Donruss 2/2
87 Topps 1/0

So, overall, I'm giving away 39 packs of cards- 20 packs to contest 1 winner and 19 packs to contest 2 winner (plus, I'll probably throw in a few autographed cards or some cards from your want list if you have one). All of these packs I got in repack boxes. Some of the older Donruss and '89 Topps look like they may have been re-wrapped. See the picture to see what I mean. The cards that look like individual cards are actually sections from rack packs. That is how I recieved them in the repack box. I know that these aren't the hottest cards that you could possibly win, but surely someone out there will enjoy them. Maybe you have a kid or nephew or something that would love some cards that are older than them. But, these are what they are, so you can do whatever you want with them.

I've been trying for a few weeks to think up a good way to do this. But, I couldn't think of anything cool, so I am just going to keep it simple. Basically, you have to guess a number. Whoever comes closest to the actual number wins that contest. Trust me, it is an actual number and not one that I am making up or changing to help someone win. So here it goes.

Contest 1- Guess how many autographed baseball cards I have signed as of 12/31/08. It is more than 300, but less than a 1000.

Contest 2- Guess how many autographed baseball cards that I obtained in 2008. It is more than 124, but less than 556.

Leave your guesses in the comments and please enter both contests. Only one guess per person. Just to make it fair, the contest 1 winner cannot win contest 2. This contest is open to everybody. I don't care if you read this everyday or if you are just here to win some free stuff. In the event of a tie, whoever is closer to the second answer will be the winner. Don't pick the same number that someone has picked. The second guess will be voided, but you can re-submit another answer for it. A tie will only occur if say one person is over by 20 and one is under by twenty. This contest will close 11:59 pm (central time) on January 6. Good luck to all! I need to get to counting.


night owl said...

I read this everyday AND I'm here to win free stuff.

Contest 1: 656
Contest 2: 289

White Sox Cards said...

Contest 1: 735
Contest 2: 263

tastelikedirt said...

Contest 1: 715
Contest 2: 318

dayf said...

1: 867
2: 372

Anonymous said...



mmosley said...



Brian said...

contest 1 - 590
contest 2 - 198

Rod said...

1. 913
2. 175

JRJ said...

Free Stuff!!!

Contest 1: 925
Contest 2: 333

deal said...

sounds simple enough

Contest 1: 759
Contest 2: 259

Dave said...

'89 Topps, here we come!

Contest 1: 800
Contest 2: 200

packaddict said...

contest 1: 866
contest 2: 288

victor said...

contest 1: 845
contest 2: 199

Ken Goldstein said...

Contest 1: 658
Contest 2: 201

keis779 said...

Contest 1 winning number is: 693
Contest 2 winning number is: 327

Matt F. said...

Contest 1: 850
Contest 2: 300

Anonymous said...

Contest 1 - 520
Contest 2 - 218

Anonymous said...

contest 1=732
contest 2=412

Anonymous said...

contest 1=412
contest 2=412