Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2004 Fleer Tradition, Jake Peavy

#264 Jake Peavy

Here is an autograph from the 2007 National League Cy Young award winner, Jake Peavy. This card was given to me by Rod, from Padrographs. Out of all the autographs that he has sent my way, this one is one of my favorites. It's not everyday that an autograph from a former Cy Young winner arrives in the mailbox unexpectedly, but it did happen about two years ago. In fact, there was even a second former Cy Young winner in that package.

Jake was traded to the White Sox before the trade deadline in 2009. Since joining the south siders, he has only pitched in 20 games. He has spent a great deal of time on the disabled list and, if I remember correctly, he was even injured when he was dealt. He last pitched on July 6 and to be honest, I have no idea what his status is for next season. So, it looks like the Padres may have recieved the better end of that trade since Clayton Richard (one of the four players dealt for Peavy) went 14-9 this season and he makes about $15 million less than Jake.

I've been a fan of Jake's since 2005 when I read in ESPN The Magazine that Jake's favorite song is Pancho and Lefty.

I can't figure out why this set is the Tradition set while the Tradition set was called Platinum. That set looks like 1984 Fleer, so I would think it would be Tradition. This set looks like a totally redone 1990 set (which was an ugly set with no tradition what so ever), so I would have thought that this might have been the Platinum set. Shows how much I know.

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