Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kansas City Royals Playoffs Contest

It has been a while since I have posted a contest on here. Since my team has made it further than everyone thought that they should have, I have decided to hold a contest. It is the first annual Royals Playoff Contest. I hope that this will be a yearly thing.

All you have to do is predict how the Royals season will end.

If you think they will lose in the ALCS, just comment that they will lose in the ALCS and in how many games (4,5,6,or 7). Then guess how many runs they will score in the series. But, if you think that they will make it to the World Series, leave a comment that states whether or not they will win or lose the World Series, how many games it will take for that to happen, and how many runs they will score in the World Series.

In order to win, you first must have to predict their outcome (lose ALCS, win WS, lose WS). If you get that right, it will then go by games in the deciding series (4,5,6 or 7). If there are still two or more people still tied at that point, it will go down to runs scored by the Royals as the tie-breaker.

Say they win the World Series in six and and three people pick that they win, but one each picks game five, six, and seven. Whoever picked six would be the winner. But, if they won and two people predicted it and one said five and one said seven, it would go to the runs scored tie-breaker.

Just to hopefully avoid any confusion, the tie-breaker only applies to the following scenarios.
1. Two or more people correctly guess the same outcome and number of games. 2. Two or more people correctly guess the outcome, but are all off by one game (ie, two pick game 4 and one picks game 6 in a five game series).

If it happens to be that it goes six games and one person picks seven and two or more pick four, whoever picked seven will be the winner because that person was closest.

As far as picking the runs scored in the deciding series, you cannot pick a number picked by another contestant, regardless of whether or not you both picked the same initial outcome. And, in the off chance that it comes down to a tie-breaker and each contestant is off by the same amount, I will evoke the Price is Right Rule. Whoever is closest without going over will win. But, that will only happen if it comes down to two people and one is over by the same number that one is under.

It has been a really long day for me, proceeded by a really long week. I hope that this all makes sense. If something does not, email me at zman40 at hotmail dot com.

Just leave your picks in the comments to this post. You must enter by the time game one of the ALCS starts on Friday.

As far as winnings, the winner will win these three signed cards. Each person here has done something to help the Royals advance as far as they have.

We have signed cards by Christian Colon, Eric Hosmer, and Greg Holland.

Good luck and thanks for playing!


night owl said...

Those Walmart parallels don't look so great with the Dodgers, but WOW they look good with the Royals.

I'm saying the Royals win the ALCS in 6 games, scoring 31 runs.

They will lose the World Series in 5 games (to the Giants because baseball fans can't have nice things) and score 13 runs.


Wilson said...

Royals lose the ALCS in 6 and score 26 runs

Play at the Plate said...

I hope they win it all. I really do. I think they will lose the ALCS in 5 games and score 16 runs.

I hope I'm wrong. I

Paul Hadsall said...

Royals win the ALCS in 4 games, scoring 22 runs

Royals lose to the Giants in the World Series in 6 games, scoring 18 runs.

zman40 said...

If you think the Royals will advance out of the LCS, you do not have to guess any games or runs for the LCS. Just make the picks for the World Series.

Greg Zakwin said...

ALCS, 6 games, 18 runs.

Joey Dean said...

Royals win world series 6 games 24 runs

Brady Umfleet said...
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eltoro2012 said...

Royals WS win in 5 games with 24 runs scored

sstricklans23 said...

Royals win World Series in game 5 with 25 runs scored.

Unknown said...

Lose in alcs or world series? How many runs will they score on the losing effort?

Fuji said...

Royals will win the World Series in 7 games and score a total of 30 runs in the series.

Brady Umfleet said...

Royals will loose ALCS in 6 and score 12 runs