Thursday, June 11, 2009

Contest Winners

Zack Grienke is finished for the night and his ERA is at 1.72 ERA. The closest guess to that was 1.67 my MDA. He picked the Price card.

Deal came in second when he picked 1.60. Unfortunately, he also picked the Price card. So, he is getting the Grienke Sports Illustrated instead.

If you guys change your minds or want to work out a trade or something, feel free. Just let me know before Monday. That is when I will ship your prizes out. Email me at zman40 at hotmail dot com with your addresses. Congratulations and thanks to all who entered!


deal said...

I am happy with that, thanks for running a really cool contest. I have always pulled for Grienke and now I like him even more!

James said...

Congrats on the win and thanks for the cool contest. That was fun.

I had it until that KC bullpen blew it for me in the 8th! Argh!

Mark Aubrey said...

Thanks for the contest. I over shot on the Ks, though.

Email coming to you with my address.