Monday, June 8, 2009

1986 Fleer Update, Dennis Leonard

#U-67 Dennis Leonard

This is the second card from Dennis Loenard that I got signed at the Spring Into Sports youth clinic last month.

As for the card itslef, it is kind of a funny story of how I got it. A little of a year ago, a friend brought over all the cards he could find from when he was a kid. Most of them were in a shoe box and he also had a 700 count box. Inside of that was a set of '87 Fleer and '86 Fleer Update. I thought those were going to be fun to go through until I realized all of the rookies and some stars were missing out of both. So, needless to say, they were not complete sets. He ended up leaving all of the cards at my place for about a month. After badgering him enough to come and get them, he came over one day and got the shoebox. He left the Fleer here and they are still here to this day. Whenever I need a card from those sets to get signed, that is where I go to get them. And that is where this card came from.

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