Saturday, June 23, 2012

We have a winner!!!

Even though the College World Series is not over, my College World Series Contest is. Brian, from Play at the Plate, ran the bracket on the A side and picked both of the final teams. Whichever team wins doesn't matter as no one is able to catch him. Congratulations Brian!

Unfortunately, Brian, it is my girlfriend's birthday this weekend and than I am heading to Alabama Monday morning for work. But, I will get your prize out during the first week of July. Sorry about the delay. I hope you enjoy your prizes and I want to thank everyone for playing. See you next year!

Monday, June 18, 2012

College World Series Contest Prizes

I got back from Omaha late Saturday night and here are the prizes I was able to acquire while I was up there. They are signed 8x10s of Hall of Famers Johnny Bench, Barry Larkin, and Jim Palmer.

I should have an update tomorrow on where everyone is standing through today. Stay tuned.

Friday, June 15, 2012

12 hours left...

To fill out a bracket for the third annual College World Series contest. Make sure you get in on it before 4 pm central today. Just leave a comment on the previous post to get in. Good luck!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

College World Series Contest, Phase 2

In case you haven't noticed, I've been running a little contest here for the past two weeks that revolves around the College World Series. Seventeen people have already entered and have a tiny head start. But, it is not too late to get in on the action. There are plenty more points to be earned and no one is even close to locking this thing up yet. So here is all you have to do- fill out a College World Series bracket.

Keep in mind that this bracket is nothing like filling out a March Madness bracket. The reason for that is because of the loser's bracket. But, I am going to try to make this as simple as I can. Here is my homemade bracket. Click on it to hopefully see a bigger view.

Here is a how the bracket breaks down. There are two groups in the bracket- A and B. Each group has six games is it. All you have to do is guess who is going to win each of the games as they advance towards the championship round.

For instance, group A has Stony Brook and UCLA squaring off in game 1 and Arizona and Florida State going in game 2. Pick who is going to win each of those games and then those two teams will square off in game 3. The losers of games 1 and 2 will then square off in game 4. Then, the loser in game 3 plays the winner of game 4 in game 5.

At that point, there will be one team left in the group that is 2-0 (winner of game 3) and one that is 2-1 (winner of game 5). Those two teams play in game 6, which is an elimination game. If the 2-0 team loses, they play a game 7 and the winner advances to the championship. If the 2-0 team wins game 6, they go straight to the championship without game 7. BUT, for the sake of this bracket, I am going to count it as one game. Just pick who you think is going to advance. It doesn't matter how they do it. I am going to call it game 6/7.

After that, you should have a team advancing out of group A. Do the same for group B. Those two teams are your final teams. In the CWS, they play a best of three series for the championship. Pick who you think will win it all and if they will win it in two games or three. Then, for a tie breaker, guess how many runs will be scored in the championship series (the final two or three games).

It might be easier for you to fill it out on paper first. But to enter the contest, leave a comment looking something similar to this.

A1: Stony Brook
A2: Arizona
A3: Stony Brook
A6/7: Stony Brook

B1: Kent St
B2: Florida
B3: Kent St
B4: South Carolina
B5: Florida
B6/7: Kent St

Stony Brook over Kent State in three games, 42 runs scored

For the sake of the tie breaker, do not pick a number already chosen by someone else. Even if your teams don't make it to the finals, the tiebreaker will still apply to you in the event of a tie.

If you guess every game right, including how many games will be played in the finals, you can come out with 22 points. In the past, I have done a winner and runner-up. But, this year there will be just one winner. As for the prizes, I haven't figured that out yet. It will probably mostly consist of stuff brought home from Omaha.

The CWS begins at 5:00 PM, eastern, on Friday, June 15. So, all entries must be in by that point. If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me at zman40 at hotmail dot com. Or, just ask in the comments. Good luck!

Monday, June 11, 2012

College World Series Contest

The field is set for the College World Series next week and we have our first official scoring update. Here is how things stand through the Super Regionals. Again, if you think I might have screwed up your score, let me know.

Oriole Magic- 5 (Florida, South Carolina, UCLA, Florida St, and a bonus point for pimping)
Anonymous aka Joey D- 4 (Florida, South Carolina, Arizona, Florida St)
Arpsmith- 4 (Florida, South Carolina, Arizona, pimped)
Greg Z- 4 (Florida, UCLA, Stoney Brook, Arizona)
Matt- 4 (Florida, UCLA, Florida St, pimped)
Dion- 4 (Florida, South Carolina, UCLA, pimped)
Opoohwan- 3 (Arkansas, UCLA, Arizona)
Play at the Plate- 3 (South Carolina, Arizona, pimped)
Jamicfin- 3 (Florida, South Carolina, UCLA)
Mariner1- 2 (UCLA, Florida St)
Lost Collector- 2 (South Carolina, UCLA)
Nathan- 2 (South Carolina, UCLA)
Matt Perry- 2 (South Carolina, Arizona)
Superduperman- 2 (Florida, Arkansas)
Card Anathema- 2 (UCLA, Arizona)
Eric L- 1 (Arizona)
Kirk J- 1 (UCLA)

I will have the bracket up Tuesday evening. Make sure you check back then so you can enter the main phase of the contest. The CWS starts a day earlier this year, so there will be less time to get the bracket filled out.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

College World Series Contest Update

The Super Regionals are set and here is how we are looking so far. These are the teams that are still in it. Keep in mind that all of these teams are two losses away from elimination and two wins away from the College World Series. Just because you have teams on this list does not mean you already have points.

Eric L- Oregon, Baylor, LSU, Arizona, Stanford- five potential points
Mariner1- UCLA, LSU, Florida St- three potential points
Lost Collector- South Carolina, UCLA, LSU, Stanford- four potential points
Nathan- South Carolina, UCLA, LSU- three potential points
Orioles Magic- Florida, South Carolina, Baylor, UCLA, LSU, Florida St- six potential points
Matt- Florida, Baylor, UCLA, LSU, Florida St- five potential points
Kirk Jacobson- UCLA, LSU- two potential points
Joey D aka Anonymous- Florida, South Carolina, LSU, Arizona, Florida St- five potential points
Dion- Florida, South Carolina, Baylor, UCLA, LSU, Stanford- six potential points
Arpsmith- Florida, South Carolina, Oregon, Baylor, Arizona, Stanford- six potential points
Matt Perry- South Carolina, Oregon, Baylor, TCU, LSU, Arizona, Stanford- seven potential points
Superduperman99- Florida, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Stanford- four potential points
Card Anathema- UCLA, Arizona, Stanford- three potential points
Opoohwan- Oregon, Arkansas, UCLA, Arizona- four potential points
Greg Z- Florida, Oregon, UCLA, Stony Brook, Arizona- five potential points
Play at the Plate- South Carolina, Oregon, TCU, Arizona, Stanford- five potential points
Jamicfin- Florida, South Carolina, UCLA- three potential points

So far, Matt Perry has the best chance of coming out on top through the Super Regionals as he has seven teams teams still competing this coming weekend. But, anything can happen.

Keep in mind that this is just an update, not an actual score. But, if I missed one of your teams, please let me know so that I can get that changed.

The Super Regionals start on Friday and the eight CWS teams should be known by Sunday.