Sunday, June 28, 2009

1991 Classic/Best, Brian Williams

#14 Brian Williams

Here is the second Brian Williams card that I got at Astros Fanfest. This is also the second card that I got signed there that featured an Osceola Astro on it. This picture must have been taken in Spring Training, though, since Brian has an "H" on his cap rather than the "O".

Luckily, I am almost done with all of these catch-up posts. On Saturday, I will be starting the 1994 cards. I'm looking forward to that because I am tired of showing the same people on here three times in a week or two. Plus, I am looking forward to getting back to doing one post a day. And to kick off the fact that I am finally getting to my 1994 cards, I will be having a one of a kind contest. So stay tuned for that.

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