Monday, May 27, 2013

College World Series Contest!

It's that time again! It is time for my fourth annual College World Series Contest.

Earlier today, the NCAA announced the 64 teams that will be competing for the 2013 College World Series championship. To commemorate it, I am holding the fourth annual College World Series contest here at Autographed Cards (yes, that is the actual name to this blog). It is going to be a couple of weeks before the main phase of the contest starts, but you can earn some bonus points here that could make a difference when the main portion gets going. All you have to do right now is pick the eight teams that are going to be playing in Omaha. Here are the teams to choose from.

Slot One
1. North Carolina
1. South Carolina
2. Florida Atlantic
2. Clemson
3. Towson
3. Liberty
4. Canisius
4. St. Louis

Slot Two
1. North Carolina St
1. Oregon
2. Ole Miss
2. Rice
3. William and Mary
3. San Francisco
4. Binghamton
4. South Dakota St

Slot Three
1. Cal St Fullerton
2. Arizona St
2. Cal Poly
3. New Mexico
3. San Diego
4. Columbia
4. San Diego St

Slot Four
1. Virginia Tech
1. LSU
2. Oklahoma
2. Louisiana-Lafayette
3. Coastal Carolina
3. Sam Houston St
4. Connecticut
4. Jackson St

Slot Five
1. Vanderbilt
1. Louisville
2. Georgia Tech
2. Miami (FL)
3. Illinois
3. Oklahoma St
4. East Tennessee St
4. Bowling Green

Slot Six
1. Indiana
1. Florida St
2. Austin Peay
2. Alabama
3. Florida
3. Troy
4. Valparaiso
4. Savannah St

Slot Seven
1. Virginia
1. Mississippi St
2. UNC Wilmington
2. South Alabama
3. Elon
3. Mercer
4. Army
4. Central Arkansas

Slot Eight
1. Kansas St
1. Oregon St
2. Arkansas
2. Texas A&M
3. Bryant
3. UC Santa Barbara
4. Wichita St
4. Texas-San Antonio

All you have to do is pick one team from each slot for a total of eight teams. For every team that you pick that makes it into the College World Series, you will get one point and that point(s) could be the difference between winning and losing in the second round. If you don't feel like participating right now, that's fine. You can enter the second phase without participating in the first, but you might have some ground to make up.

I haven't figured out what the prizes are yet, but some of the prizes from the previous years include autographs from Hall of Famers Harmon Killebrew, Jim Rice, Rod Carew, and Bruce Sutter. Here is a link to last years prizes. I have a few things laying around that I plan to give away, plus I usually end up with some really good stuff at the College World Series. I just probably won't know what they are until I get back from Omaha on the 17th of June.

This blog has been in the doldrums of late since I am lucky to post a card twice a week. So, to get a few extra contestants in the contest, you can get one bonus point just by pimping this contest on your blog. Just leave a link in the comments and I will chalk you up a point (yes, I use a chalkboard for scoring this contest).

Here is the format that your entry (comment) should look like.

1. Clemson
2. Rice
3. Arizona St
4. Coastal Carolina
5. Miami
6. Alabama
7. Army
8. Kansas St
Link to your blog (which can be left on a separate comment).

Keep in mind that San Diego and San Diego St are up for grabs in slot three. If you pick either of those schools, make sure you specify which one you want. And make sure you specify which Carolina you want should you go that way with slot one.

If you have any questions, ask in the comments or email me at zman40 at hotmail dot com. The deadline to enter the first phase of this contest is 11:00 am (central) Friday and the link must be posted 24 hours prior to that. Good luck and thanks for playing.

Keep in mind that the main portion of this contest is filling out a College World Series bracket when that field is determined in a couple of weeks. Every year, there are a couple of people that enter the first phase of the contest that never end up filling out a bracket. Those people have yet to win this contest.


Play at the Plate said...

One of my favorite contests of the year!

1-North Carolina
3-Cal State Fullerton
6-Florida State
8-Oregon State

I know they can't all be right...can they? Thanks Z!!

Play at the Plate said...

Contest pimped.

zman40 said...

Well, you didn't pick Kansas State. So, you might miss one.

But, after your run last year, I would not be surprised if you got every pick right.

Good luck, Brian!

Dhoff said...

Thanks for the contest.

1: South Carolina
2: Binghamton
3: Cal St Fullerton
4: Louisiana-Lafayette
5: Bowling Green
6: Alabama
7: Elon
8: Kansas St

arpsmith said...

Thanks for the contest!

1. North Carolina
2. Oregon
3. Arizona St
4. LSU
5. Miami (FL)
6. Florida St
7. Virginia
8. Oregon St

JediJeff said...

I usually suck at these. Sooner or later the odds have to go in my favor, right?

1. Clemson
2. Rice
3. Cal St Fullerton
4. LSU
5. Oklahoma St
6. Florida
7. Virginia
8. Wichita St.

Marcus said...

1. South Carolina
2. Ole Miss
3. Cal State Fullerton
4. Oklahoma
5. Vanderbilt
6. Savannah St.
7. Virginia
8. Texas A&M

Thanks for the contest! Go CSUF Titans! If not, hopefully one of the San Diego schools from group 3 can get it done.

Greg Zakwin said...

1. Canisius
2. Oregon
4. Sam Houston State
5. Miami (FL)
6. Austin Peay
7. Virginia
8. Texas A&M

Spankee said...

To everyone above me who didn't pick VT in slot will be very sorry.

1. North Carolina
2. North Carolina St
3. Arizona St
4. Virginia Tech
5. Georgia Tech
6. Florida St
7. Virginia
8. Oregon St

Anonymous said...

1. UNC
2. Rice
3. Cal St. Fullerton
4. VT
5. OK State
6. Indiana
7. Virginia
8. Oregon St.

irondequoit36 said...

1- Canisius
2- Oregon
3- Cal St Fullerton
4- LSU
5- Vanderbilt
6- Fla St.
7- Virginia
8- Oregon St

Wilson said...

1. North Carolina
2. Oregon
3. Cal St Fullerton
4. Virginia Tech
5. Louisville
6. Florida St
7. Virginia
8. Texas A&M

Justin McLeod said...

1. South Carolina
2. Rice
3. CSF
4. LSU
5. Vandy
6. Troy
7. South Alabama
8. Arkansas

The Lost Collector said...

1. South Carolina
2. Oregon
3. Call St Fullerton
4. LSU
5. Vandy
6. Florida
7. UVA
8. Oregon St

Joey Dean said...

S carolina
ARizona st
Florida st
MIssissippi st
K state!

Orioles Magic said...

Zach- Sorry I was too late to get into the first part of this contest, but I will definitely get in on the second part. And I can certainly vouch for the excellence of your prizes!