Monday, April 27, 2009

1993 Ted Williams, Sal Bando

#42 Sal Bando

This card was a gift to me, I guess you could say. Back when I was basically given the '69 Topps Frank Howard card, this card was thrown in. I had the Howard card on my want list and Scott, from A Pack A Day, filled that void for me. I sent him a self-addressed stamped envelope and he sent the card to me. When I got the card back, I noticed a weird inscription under his return address. It said "You stole my A's". I had no idea what that meant until I opened the envelope and saw this card. Scott is from Philly and I live in Kansas and am a Royals fan. Once I put two and two together, I thought that it was pretty funny. Thanks, again, Scott.

Speaking of funny, I have had kind of a funny day. I woke up early and drove for three hours to Kansas City for the Royals game. I got there just before noon and set up shop by the Royals parking lot. When I got there, it was cool and cloudy, just like the weather report predicted. Then, it started to mist and then rain (not in the forecast). Then it stopped. I got a couple of Royals to sign for me while it was dry. Then it started misting again and that continued for the next two hours. By the time that I had had enough, I was up to 21 signed cards and I was cold and wet. So rather than go get something to eat and get ready for BP (which I was pretty sure they would not be having), I got in my car and drove the three hours back home. What a day. Only a couple of the cards smeared because of the persipitation. After the best pitcher in baseball (right now) signed my three cards, I figured that I had had a good enough day.


Goose Joak said...

You got Sidney Ponson to sign?!

No seriously, that's awesome. Why'd you decide to bail on the game though? They're crushing Toronto right now. Kind of surprising actually. I almost picked up Purcey in my fantasy league as a spot start; glad I didn't.

zman40 said...

I tried to get Sidney, but he pulled out a new tactic on me. Usually, they just pull out their cell phone, but he popped in his head phones and completely ignored me.

As for bailing, I was cold and wet and didn't quite come prepared for the cold weather. And no visiting team BP is always a minus for me. But, I made it home in time to watch the entire game and I'm warm and dry.

But, this certainly isn't something that I usually do. I think that the constant drizzle and the two smudged autos were about all I could take.

Dan said...

I think it's kick ass that Sal signed over his entire body on that card. Nice.