Monday, December 1, 2008

1990 Score 2

#391 John Moses

This is the third and final John Moses card on here. Like I said for the first two cards, I got these signed at a Oklahoma Redhawks game last summer when he was the hitting coach for Las Vegas. You can see the first two here and here.

John was a .254 career hitter with no pop in his bat. It sometimes amazes me that players like this go on to coach. I guess that it has more to do with theory and mechanics than the talent you had when you played, which makes sense.

John has an interesting signature. You can clearly make out "John" and can kind of tell where "Moses" is on there. But, in the middle, there is something weird. There is a line going up and down between his names, like a divider. Then there is a big hook which might be a curl to start his "M". I might be looking into this WAY too much, but I wonder if this could be some kind of Biblical reference, like Doug Jones' PTL or Mike Sweeney's Bible verse. Here is what I'm getting at. John and Moses were both disciples, so he puts a divider between his names so that each one stands out. Then, instead of having a curl on his "M", what if it is supposed to represent a shepherd's staff, since Moses was a shepherd? Like I said, I'm probably looking into this too much. I just get curious sometimes when there "appears" to be more to a signature than a name.

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