Sunday, December 7, 2008

1988 Score, Bobby Bonilla

#116 Bobby Bonilla

I got this card through the mail last week. The first thing that I notice on this card is the signature. It looks like BO. This might just be worst autograph that I have seen. I thought that David DeJesus and Kenny Loften had some sloppy, hurried signatures, but this one takes the cake.

Other than that, it's a good autograph to have. Bobby was a very good ballplayer for many years. He went to seven All-Star Games and won a World Series with the Marlins in 1997. I'm sure that I had to have sent for his autograph while he was with the Pirates and never got one, so it's cool that he signs through the mail now.


steveisjewish said...

I have to disagree - I love the signature - sure you can't read it, but i am sucker for big loopy sits. cant get enough of them. If it looks like a sig that you would sign a check with, im not interested

zman40 said...

That's funny. You would love my signature then. I have nine letters in my names and you can make out four of them if you use your imagination.

JRJ said...

Ugh, not Bobby Bo! As a Mets fan I was thrilled when he signed. But then he started putting ear plugs in his ears @ Shea and went off on the writers with his (in)famous "just chillin'" line. At that point, I would have traded Bobby Bo for a fungo bat and a bucket of curveballs! Dam you Bobby! OK, I'm done now.

still a cool signature though