Sunday, December 21, 2008

1990 Fleer, Pat Clements

#153 Pat Clements

I had to work late last night and didn't feel like posting anything, so here is yesterday's Padrograph.

Clements was a relief pitcher his whole career, which spanned parts of eight seasons. In 1987, with the Yankees, he threw a career high of 80 innings. His ERA was nearly 5 and his strikeout to wakl ratio was nearly 1. His most innings pitched he would record after that came in his final season in the Majors, when he threw 48.1 innings and had an ERA close to 3 and a strikeout to walk ratio that was less than 1. It looks like he was mainly used as a LOOGY that year and he split the season between San Diego and Baltimore. The next year, he made 8 appearances with Baltimore's AAA affiliate and he was then either released or he retired.

He does have a unique way of finishing his last name that adds some character to his signature.

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