Monday, December 8, 2008

1987 Topps, Bip Roberts

#637 Bib Roberts

Today's Padrograph features Bip Roberts. I almost got a Bip Roberts autograph once. In 1997, I went to a Royals game and Bip was over by the tarp talking to someone that he knew in the stands. I must have been a little shy then because I didn't say a word. I guess that I was just hoping he knew what I wanted and would say something to me. Well, he didn't. So I just stood there. He got done with his conversation and took off. I don't remember what I was going to have him sign. It was probably my ticket stub.

Even today, I won't interupt a player that is having a conversation with a fan. Chances are that they know that person sonehow and rarely see them. So I stand by and wait for the conversation to be over with, then ask for the autograph. Now, if someone else butts in and ask for one, I'll usually get in line behind that person and get mine signed, too. But, I'm not going to interupt them. Also, sometimes you can meet some interesting people if you spark a conversation with the person they were talking to. In 2007, I met Justin Huber's dad who had come from Australia to see his son play.

I realize that this has very little to do with Bip Roberts, but it is what came to mind.


deal said...

do you remember the commercial where they are going through the baseball card price guide and Bip thinks his card is worth a bundle and another player - probably a star player points out to Bip that the card that is worth a bunch of $$ is actually of Robin Roberts.

zman40 said...

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that I never saw that commercial. I think that I would have remembered it if I had seen it. It sounds pretty funny.