Friday, December 19, 2008

1991 Fleer, Roberto Alomar

#523 Roberto Alomar

Wow, I didn't realize that I would be posting the Alomar brothers today. That's pretty cool.

This card is actually another Padrograph from Rod. I finally got my scans caught up to 1991, so this will help me catch up. There might be another day or two with two Padrograph posts, but they most likely will not feature brothers.

Like I said about Sandy, Jr., I doubt that Roberto needs much of an introduction. Actually, he probably needs less of one than his brother. Roberto's career spanned seventeen season with seven clubs. He made the All-Star team every year from 1990-2001. That's a pretty nice run. During that span, he won the AL Gold Glove for second baseman every year but two. The only real blemish to his career was the day he spit in home plate umpire's, John Hirshbeck's, face. Supposedly, there was a racial slur that prompted the incident but the two eventually made up. Other than that, I see no reason why Roberto should not be elected into the Hall of Fame. He deffinitely has better offensive numbers than Ozzie Smith and most of his numbers are as good or better than Ryne Sandberg's (the exceptions would he home runs and slugging percentage). But, that is just my view and I don't think that I get an actual vote.

If I remember correctly, Roberto was supposed to play with the Devil Rays in 2005. But, he and Danny Bautista both retired during Spring Training.

As for the Alomar brothers' autographs, I actually had both of them before this. But, neither one was on a Padres card. Plus, the Roberto card was signed on a dark part of the card and in almost impossible to see. So, these were great additions to my collection. Thanks Rod!

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Dave said...

Roberto was one of the players I collected growing up, probably #3 behind Ozzie Smith and John Mabry! So thanks for sharing this card.