Wednesday, December 3, 2008

1990 Topps, Lee Smith

#495 Lee Smith

I got this card signed this past spring at the Willie Wilson Classic. If you don't know what the Willie Wilson Classic is, click on the WWC label and go to the older posts to find out.

In October, I showed this Lee Smith card that I got signed through the mail in the '90s. In that post, I stated that I thought that the signature was fake. The reason I thought that is because I got this one in person and it looks nothing like the other one. So, I assumed it was fake. Then I came across a 1982 Topps Lee Smith. That set had the fascimile signature on it just like the '08 set has. The fake signature on that card looks very similar to the one on my '88 Topps card. So, I guess that Lee's signature has changed through the years slightly. Plus, he was probably in a hurry when he signed this card. Does anyone else have any Lee Smith signatures for comparison?

So there you have it- the (hopefully) future Hall of Famer, Lee Smith.

This is the very first Red Sox card on here.


JRJ said...

Great card.
Didn't take Lee Smith 20 minutes to walk from the bullpen to the pitching mound?

zman40 said...

No, it was an old-timers game, so he knew when he was going to pitch. He replaced Fergie Jenkins and came in from the dugout, if I remember correctly.