Tuesday, December 2, 2008

1990 Topps, Eric Davis

#260 Eric Davis

This is one of the best autographs that I got through the mail when I was a kid. Most of the big name players wouldn't return the card or would send it back unsigned, and sometimes, with a photo explaining that they get too much mail to resond to each one. But, not Eric Davis.

I was a pretty big fan of Davis in the '80s. In '87, he was three home runs away from being the first 40/40 man. I even had a poster of him, too. He was dressed in a suit with a red tie and there was a huge revolver laying on a table. In big red font, it said "44 Magnum".

I was a Dodger fan when I was a kid and was pretty excited when he went to LA. But, that was when he started getting hurt a lot and was out of baseball four years later. But after a year away from the game, he was back and played for six more seasons and did pretty good when he was healthy. In 1997, he was diagnosed with colon cancer. But, he battled through it and went back to the team in time for the playoffs.

While Davis' career didn't reach the point that most people thought that it might, he was still a great ballplayer that was exciting to watch.


night owl said...

Eeesh. A sports figure posing with a gun on a poster. That probably wouldn't fly today.

I, too, was excited when Davis joined the Dodgers. But all it led to was a bunch of disappointment in the 1990s.

Great autograph!

zman40 said...

I never thought about it like that. But, the gun wasn't real. If was about as big as Eric Davis. I should still have that poster, somewhere.