Sunday, December 7, 2008

1961 Topps, Whitey Herzog

#106 Whitey Herzog

When I wrote to the White Rat, I sent him two cards. This is the second one. I picked this card up on ebay for $4.50. I'm getting sick of buying cards on ebay from poeple that charge $2 or more for shipping and then send it in a top-loader and put a 42 cent stamp on it. It costs two bucks for a top-loader, an envelope, one 42 cent stamp, and maybe a copy of an invoice? It used to not be that bad when you could buy cards on there for a penny. Now it's just getting ridiculous. I might have to check out

Sorry about the little rant; now back to the card. This is the second Kansas City Athletic on here. It's also the second card from the '60s on here and both of them are KC A's. I thought about buying a card of Whitey when he was a Senator, but I think that I'm going to let Frank Howard be my first Senator on here (if I can get one in a trade- see want list, hint hint).

Whitey had an unremarkable career. He played eight years with four teams and was a .257 career hitter. His full name is Dorrel Norman Elvert Herzog. I probably would have gone by Whitey, too.

On a side note, tonight I went to a minor league hockey game in Wichita and got a baseball card signed. How about that?

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