Friday, December 5, 2008

1986 Topps, Bruce Bochy

#608 Bruce Bochy

Todays Padrograph features the current Giants manager, Bruce Bochy. I like this card because it's an '86 Topps. That was the second year that I collected cards and most of mine aren't in the that great of shape. The black border on top really shows off the wear. But, this card has four sharp corners. This might be the only card in my collection (of '86 Topps) that has that distinction.

I was looking at Bochy's stats and I noticed that he didn't get into many games. I thought that that was wierd because I have a bunch of cards of him. So, I went to the Baseball Cube to see if he had been sent down a few times and he hadn't. He was just a backup catcher. With the way the card companies are these days, I guess I just forgot that backup catchers were routinely put in sets in the '80s. Boy, how the times have changed.

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