Tuesday, December 9, 2008

1991 Bowman, Jack McDowell

#352 Jack McDowell

I got this card signed through the mail in the early '90s while Jack was with the White Sox, most likely in '92 or '93. Jack was a very dominant pitcher for the Sox back then, pitching over 250 innings for three straight years and winning 17, 20, and 22 games in that stretch. In 1992, the year he won 22, he was awarded the American League Cy Young award. The innings must have started to catch up to him and he only threw over 200 innings one more time. His last two seasons in the Majors were spent with Anaheim and he had to work his way up from A ball each season. That sounds like rehab assignments to me.

This looks like a card that would look good signed. But Jack's signature is so big, it is kind of hard to make out. The fact that there is a lot of black from his turtleneck and that it was signed in black doesnt help out either.

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