Monday, August 10, 2009

1994 Triple Play, Pat Meares

#257 Pat Meares

This is the second Pat Meares card that I have shown on here. As I said in the first post, Pat was the last big leaguer born in my hometown. Even though I was never a Twins fan (or Pirates fan), I was always pulling for Pat to succeed. If I remember correctly, a wrist injury shortened his career.

I probably got this card signed in 1995. It was during the offseason and Pat was signing at the annual RV/boat show here in town. That was definitely one of the stranger places that I got a card signed.

Speaking of my hometown, today we had a hurricane-like storm pass through around noon. There were wind gusts up to 100 mph and a few inches of rain fell in a short time. Afterwards, there were limbs down everywhere and power outages around the county. Here is the picture that I took from my front porch. Unfortunately, you can't see a whole heck of a lot because of the rain.

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Dave said...

Yeah that does look like a hurricane. Glad everything appears to be ok!