Thursday, August 13, 2009

1994 Upper Deck, Matt Walbeck

#130 Matt Walbeck

This is my third and final Matt Walbeck card. You can see the first one here and the second one here. Like the first two, I got this card signed last year in Kansas City when the Rangers came to town. Matt was their third base coach at the time.

It is kind of fitting that my last post on here until Tuesday features a Twin (although it looks like he might be in a Cubs uni) that was a Rangers coach. On Monday, I'll be seeing the Twins take on the Rangers in Arlington.

Today just happens to be the one year anniversary of this blog. I am surprised that I have lasted this long. I wish that I would have had a contest planned for it, but the event snuck up on me and I didn't realize it had been a whole year until yesterday. Oh well, maybe I will have one when I get back from Texas.


unclemoe said...

Finally checked my PO Box yesterday for the first time in over a week and at the bottom of my pile of mail was a letter from you. Thanks for the Elliot Johnson card! Definitely needed this one. I've never gotten his autograph before either so it was much appreciated.

Thank you!


Dave said...

Congrats on the one year!

zman40 said...

Dave- Thank you!

Moe- glad that I could help out!

Brian said...

Congrats on your anniversary!! Keep up the great work.