Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1991 Studio, Brook Jacoby

#44 Brook Jacoby

Here is the second Brook Jacoby card that I got signed in Kansas City the night before the College World Series started. You just cannot go wrong with Studio. The '91 set wasn't as flashy as the '93 set. But it was slightly less senior portraity than the '92 set. The '91s and '92s are probably pretty equal. I'm just basing my judgement on the two cards that I actually have signed from those sets. At least Brook doesn't have his hand on his chin like Jeff Montgomery did.

Let's see what goodies are on the back of this card.

PERSONAL: His father, Brook, Sr. played in the Cleveland and Philadelphia organizations.

CAREER: Named to A.L. All-Star team for the 2nd time 1990.

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Golf and fishing...likes top 10 music...favorite TV show: Thirtysomething... Lakers fan.

HEROES: Rocky Bleir and Pete Rose.

They had more stuff on there for personal and career. I just included more of the odd-ball stuff, the stuff that usually isn't on the back of a baseball card.


Dan said...

Brook Jacoby... awesome. Who on earth says they "likes top 10 music"? Funny.

zman40 said...

Someone who watches Thirtysomething.