Thursday, May 6, 2010

Most Wanted: 1982 Topps Denny Lewallyn

Here before you is the number one card that I am looking for right now. I have tried to trade this on the TMC giveaway, but have had no such luck. Only one of these cards have been given away and the person that has it isn't looking to trade with me.

So, I am looking for some help from the blogging community. If you have this card, I will trade you a Jeremy Giambi jersey card or a Todd Helton jersey card. If you are interested, let me know by May 12th.

And if you have the 1990 Target card (or a minor league one), the trade still applies.

If there are any other cards you would want in return, just let me know.


gcrl said...

i'm planning on sending this card to denny to see if he'll sign it. he is, after all, a member of the 1978 dodger team. i'll look and see if i have an extra.

zman40 said...

Thanks to Scott at Hand Collated for helping to fill this need.

Best of luck with the TTM, GCRL.