Monday, July 12, 2010

1999 Just Minors, Pablo Ozuna

NN Pablo Ozuna

Here is another signed minor league card that was sent to me by Padrograph Rod. This one features the former Marlin, Rocky, White Sock, and Dodger utilityman, Pablo Ozuna.

Pablo played in the Majors for seven years. During that time, he spent time playing every position except pitcher and catcher. If he was still playing today, maybe he would have taken Omar Infante's spot on the All Star team.

Actually, Pablo is still playing. He just signed on with the Newark Bears of the Atlantic League a few days ago.

On this card, Pablo is playing for the Portland Sea Dogs. The Dogs are still members of the Eastern League, but they have shed there teal for some navy and red as they are now affiliated with the Red Sox.

Unfortunately, the card back is one of those "congratulations on recieving a limited edition autograph card of Pablo Ozuna from Just Minors", so I have no idea what position Pablo is listed as on it.


Anonymous said...

Ozuna didn't have a bad looking autograph back then... if I find a card while he's still playing for the Bears, I'll let you know how it looks now. :)

night owl said...

Completely forgot that Ozuna played for the Dodgers.

zman40 said...

Paul- I can't wait to see the difference.

Night Owl- I thought the same thing when I saw that he played for the Marlins, Rockies, and Dodger. He will always be a White Soccer to me.

BOY123 said...

i noticed that i have the same thing but it is a different pic is the autograph fake or real??