Monday, July 12, 2010

1999 Bowman, Brant Brown

#279 Brant Brown

Here is the second of three cards that Brant signed for me before a Frisco Roughriders/Northwest Arkansas Naturals game last month. Brant is Frisco's hitting coach.

So far, this is the only '99 Bowman card that I have signed. And, having bought none of these packs when they came out, this is one of the few cards from the set that I own. So, what I am the most curious about is the background on this card. It is supposed to be the California shoreline, but it really doesn't look too good on this card. It looks more like a volcano than anything else. Does anyone remember if every card had a goofy background like this or was it only certain cards? I wonder if there is a Kansas background and what it looks like.

It's kind of funny to compare Bran't signature now to the one used on the card. Even the one printed looks pretty stylish, but it is nothing compared to Brant's current signature.

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Play at the Plate said...

I have a bunch of those...but they might be the Chrome version. I'll have to look for them to see.