Saturday, July 3, 2010

1992 Score, Steve Buechele

#695 Steve Buechele

Here is the second of three Steve Buechele cards that I got signed while Steve was managing the the visiting Frisco Roughriders in Springdale, Arkansas.

One thing that I always think about when I think of Steve Buechele is his hair. Steve had to have played some hockey in high school because he always seemed to have a nice mullet. Jaromir Jagr must have been a big Steve Buechele fan because he took Steve's style to the next level.

One thing I think about whenever I see this set is the rectangular strip on the left side of the card. It is part of the border and the team logo is on it and part of the player's picture usually extends onto it too. But when I see the strip, I tend to think that it would be a great place for the player to sign if his arm or leg wasn't hovering over the strip. It could be similar to 1998 Bowman, but with a real signature on it.

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Play at the Plate said...

I need to get up to Frisco to get some Boosh autos. Nice pickup.