Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2003 Donruss Rookies, Franklin Perez

#39 Franklin Perez

Here is another independent minor league autograph that I have obtained this summer. I got this one signed a week and a half ago at a Kansas City T-Bones game, where Franklin is a member of their bullpen. I got this card signed after the game, while he was heading to the clubhouse. The lights got turned off at the park, as soon as the game was over, for the postgame fireworks show. Because of the darkness, Franklin was having a difficult time seeing the card and that is probably why he signed it where he did.

Franklin played affiliated ball for seven seasons in the Phillies, Pirates, and Cardinal organizations. During that time, he spent parts of three seasons playing AAA and at that level he went 1-16 with a 5.43 ERA in 84 games. He then spent two seasons playing for Bridgeport in the Atlantic League. Then, last season, he had the honor to play for four different Atlantic League teams- Newark, Long Island, Camden, and Bridgeport. He must have been a highly sought after player for half of the league to want him.

For some reason, the Kansas City T-Bones now have Franklin on the inactive list. I still haven't quite figured out how the inactive list works for the independent leagues.

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