Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CWS Contest Update

We are seven games into the CWS and it is time to look at how the brackets are going. It is safe to say that, with ASU's loss today, nobody is doing great. Before I go into that, I first want to explain how the scoring is going to work for the contest.

Games 1, 2, 4, and 5 in each bracket are all worth one point. Game 3s are worth two points and games 6/7 are worth three points. The championship is worth three points and you can earn a fourth point by guessing the number of games correctly. So if you ran the table on the bracket, you can earn 22 total points.

So far, through seven games with nine points available, everyone has received between one and three points. Ryan and Brian each have scored three while Dave and Skoormit have scored one. Captain Canuck and PAB have each scored two.

With UCLA winning last night, Brian and PAB can get a point on Wednesday if TCU beats Florida State. If TCU goes on to beat UCLA twice in a row, Ryan and PAB will get three points. Or if Florida State beats TCU and then beats UCLA twice, Dave and Captain Canuck will each get three points. Other than that, no other points can be awarded for group A.

As for group B, everyone but Skoormit got a point for Oklahoma knocking off South Carolina. But, everyone picked Arizona State to win game 2 and 3. Everyone picked Clemson or Oklahoma to win game 4 and since they are playing in game 3, they cannot win game 4. So there are no points to get there. The only real point left to get out of group B is the one available in game 5. If Clemson loses game 3 tonight and wins game 5, Ryan and Brian will each get one point. If Oklahoma loses game 3 and wins game 5, Dave and Captain Canuck will each get one point. If South Carolina wins game 4 and 5, then Skoormit will get one point. After that, everyone has ASU advancing to the finals.

So, here are the total standings so far.

Ryan- 9 points
Brian- 5 points
Captain Canuck- 5 points
PAB- 4 points
Skoormit- 3 points
Dave- 2 points

Unless Florida State can advance to the finals, this may be a battle for second place.

I went to Omaha on Friday to watch all of the teams work out and I got some custom cards signed. I was planning on having some of these for prizes, but my printer was fighting me at the last minute when I printed these out and they did not come out as good as I had hoped. But here they are anyway.

I also got these signed and each one of them will be available as a prize.

I was hoping to get some cards signed by these guys, but they would only sign the 8x10s provided.

(Disclaimer: I typed this up while Arizona State was down 10-0 in the fifth inning. If they somehow came back to win, disregard most of the group B predictions. Also, if you think I may have made an error in scoring the points, let me know and I will look into it.)

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Play at the Plate said...

Great autos Z! My head was spinning by the time I read all the scenarios. Any of those would look good next to that Rollie Fingers I won last year!