Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1989 Star Durham Bulls, Andy Tomberlin

#23 Andy Tomberlin

Here is a card that I got signed at the Rickwood Classic last month. Andy is the batting coach for the Birmingham Barons. The only cards that I could find of him were minor league cards and when Andy saw them, he said "wow, you've got some old ones".

This card is actually out of a team set that I got at a card shop in the early '90s. The scan didn't come out too well, but the borders are actually orange and blue, like the Bulls colors. The only other notable names in the set (that I can think of) are Steve Avery and Kevin Costner. Unfortunately, the Costner card got lost in a TTM attempt. Other than that, the rest of the set is still intact.

I thought that it was kind of neat that Star changed up their borders between the team sets and the set that was available in packs. The two-toned team color border is a nice improvement over the single color borders.

Come back later tonight to find out how to get into the second and final phase of the CWS contest.

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