Friday, June 11, 2010

1988 Topps, Jack Clark

#100 Jack Clark

Here is the second of three Jack Clark cards that I got signed at the '85 Classic. I figured that if I were going to get some cards signed by '85 Cardinals, I had better get some Cardinal cards signed.

Paul left a comment on my last Jack Clark post saying that he always forgets that Jack played for anyone but the Cardinals and Yankees and, to be honest, I am in the same boat. The funny thing is that he was only a Cardinal for three sesaons and a Yankee for one. But, that is how we remember him. I don't know how it is for Paul, but I remember Jack as a Cardinal becuase that was who he was playing for when I started getting into collecting.

In his three seasons with St. Louis, Jack won two Silver Sluggers. He got the first in 1985 and the second in 1987. That '87 season was the best of his career as he went on to hit 35 home runs and drive in 106 RBI (both career highs). He finished the season third in the MVP vote.

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