Saturday, June 26, 2010

1990 Score, Curt Ford

#183 Curt Ford

Here is the third and final Curt Ford card that I got signed at the '85 Classic. You can see the first one here and the second one here.

Curt only spent two seasons with the Phillies organization and the second season only consisted of 18 at-bats in 22 games. In his first season with them, he played in a career high number of games, 108. But, he only batted 142 times. So, it looks like he was mainly used as a pinch hitter/defensive replacement that year. Doing that job, he hit .218.

1990 was his last season in the Majors, but he still played AAA ball for three more years and some independent ball for another four. 1997 was the last season that he played professionally. Today, Curt is the manager of the Springfield Sliders, a collegiate summer team that used to be managed by Jack Clark.

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