Saturday, June 12, 2010

1988 Topps, Tito Landrum

#581 Tito Landrum

Here is the third and final 1988 Topps and the second of three Tito Landrum cards. Like the rest, that autograph was obtained at the '85 Classic.

When I was looking for which Tito cards I wanted to take with me to the game, this is one I knew I had to find. Like the Chris Speier card I posted a week and a half ago, I just couldn't resist getting an ugly-looking airbrushed card signed. What was Topps thinking when they did that hat? It looks like a Tito is wearing an old Dodgers hat that was screen printed and is now fading. Is that what Topps thought that Major League teams were wearing in 1987? Granted, it is a huge improvement over some of the late '60s and early '70s airbrushed cards. To be honest, I'm not even sure that this card stood out to me as a nine year old in 1988. But looking back now, this card sticks out like a sore thumb.

As a Dodger, Tito only got into 51 games in the partial season he spent with the team. He hit .239 with 1 home run and 4 RBI. He would go on to play only 13 more Major League games.

Tito's given name is Terry.

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