Monday, June 21, 2010

1990 CMC, Bill Dancy

#244 Bill Dancy

Here is another card that I got signed at the Rickwood Classic. This one was signed by the visiting dugout since Bill is the manager of the Tennessee Smokies. I tried to get him to sign earlier that day as he was coming onto the field from the clubhouse, but he either didn't hear me or he ignored me. But I was able to get him to sign a little bit later as he was standing by the dugout and chatting with his players. He must not see too many baseball cards of himself because the players that were sitting on the dugout next to him made sure to take a good look at the cards he was signing. So, I guess it is his players that don't see too many cards of him.

I always find it strange when I get a card like this signed. The thing I find strange is that Bill was a AAA manager in 1990. Twenty years later, he is managing at the AA level. I would think that if he was a AAA manager, he would be a canadate for a Major League slot. But instead, he is Ryne Sandberg's replacement in AA. I guess that some guys are just better at developping the younger players than others.

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Steve78 said...

I've been thinking that, too. This weekend I'm hoping to meet a coach in that same same set for my blog. He coached with AAA Vancouver in 1990. Now he's a coach with a short-season team, an even further drop than Dancy.