Monday, October 12, 2009

1993 Ted Williams, Bert Campaneris

#44 Bert Campaneris

This is the third and final Bert Campaneris card that I got signed at the Willie Wilson Hall of Fame Classic in Kansas City. The game was held in July after the All-Star break. You can see the first card that he signed here and the second one here. Also, you can see the one card that I got signed by him the previous year here.

There really isn't anymore to say about this autograph that I didn't say in any of the other Campaneris posts. But, like I said in the last Wills post, this set is great for autographs. This one is black and white and the black Sharpie really stands out. The Wills card had some color and the blue Sharpie really went well with the Dodger Blue in his uniform. I wish that I could say I planned it that way.

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Collective Troll said...

I do love those Ted Williams set cards... Great cards of classic players and great for 'graphs...