Sunday, October 11, 2009

1993 Leaf, Jose Guzman

#266 Jose Guzman

Here is another Jose Guzman card from my trip to Arlington in August. I had planned on only taking one Guzman card with me on the trip. I had wanted a card signed by him as a Cub since I got a Rangers card signed last year by him. When I started looking for cards, I quickly found a card of his as a Cub- a '94 Score. So, I set it to the side and started looking for cards of Mark McLemore. I started in '89 Score and I found another Jose Guzman, so I set it to the side. I eventually found the McLemore I was looking for and headed to this set to find another one. Again, before I found the McLemore, I stumbled onto another Guzman and set it to the side also.

So, that it how I ended up getting three cards signed by Jose Guzman. It was an accident.

I do like this card, though. Jose really stands out against the blue wall.

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