Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cards from Padrographs and the Collective Troll

A couple of weeks ago, I got a couple of packages in the mail. One was from Rod, of Padrographs, and the other was from Marck, The Collective Troll. I've been meaning to post these the past two weeks but I haven't gotten around to it for various reasons. Sorry about that. But, here they are now.

First up is the package from Rod. It was a nice assortment of Royals and it even contained one Padrograph. Besides the Padrograph, here were a few of the highlights.

2000 Topps, Brett Laxton: I like this card because I actually remember Laxton. I saw him pitch once in Kansas City and he threw 3 scoreless innings in relief. He is best known for recording 16 Ks in the College World Series as a freshman for LSU.

2009 Goodwin Champions, Zack Grienke: I'm pretty sure that this is the only current Royal in the set. Now I don't have to buy any packs of GC.

1997 Topps, Joe Randa: I didn't know that he was on the Topps All-Rookie Team. Cool card.

2008 Razor, Mike Montgomery: I have bought a few of these cards to get signed and they look great. I'm sure that this one will, too.

1989 Pacific, Bo Jackson: You can never have enough Bo Jackson cards. Never.

2009 Phungo, Luke Hochevar: This is actually a double, but it is still cool. It's not every day that you get a Phungo card in the mail.

2009 A&G, Zack Grienk mini: I bought a box of A&G this year, but I never got this card. This card is definitely heading to Fanfest with me.

Next up are some of the cards from the Troll. He sent me all of the Royals and '81 Donruss cards that he had. Here is just a peak at some of the goodies.

Like I said, he sent me all of his '81 Donruss cards. I'm not sure which ones I don't have, but I do know that I need that Pattin card.

There were even some '82 Donruss thrown in (both Pirates and Royals). It's good to see that Donruss kept their Chicago theme going in '82.

He threw in some cards from the '92 Classic/Best set. Those are always good cards. You never know when you night run across a former minor leaguer coaching in the minors.

He sent a few Frank Whites that I didn't have. That In Action card is sweet. I have never seen it before. It will be going to Fanfest with me as a back-up.

He sent me quite a few Dennis Leonard cards, too. I probably have more autographs from Dennis Leonard than from other player. Now I got some more cards to get signed in case I run across him at an alumni signing.

Out of all of the cards that he sent, this one is by far my favorite. You might be wondering why this one is my favorite. Surely I have three of these and at least two of them do not have that small stain in the top right corner. Truth be told, I only have one of these cards. And I took it to Minneapolis with me to get signed since Frank works for the Royals broadcast. My little autograph book holds three cards per page and I put Frank on the same page as two John Mizerock cards. I got John to sign for me and he started signing away. He signed his '87 Topps card. He then signed his '87 Donruss card. I saw where he was going and tried to tell him to stop before he started to sign my '81 Donruss Frank White. I got his to stop alright, right after he signed "John M" on it.

When he had realized what he had done, he just stopped and stared at it, then looked up at me and said "oh, man, I'm sorry. I'm sorry about that". Since there was nothing to be done, I just told him not to worry about it and thanked him for signing. He got fired a week later*. But, on a positive note, I got a replacement for it much sooner than I ever thought I would.

All in all, there were some great cards in both packages. There were way too many to scan, so these were the ones that intrigued me the most. Thank you Rod and Marck!!

*Obviously, John Mizerock's firing had nothing to do with him signing my Frank White card. He has managed at every level in the Royals organization and I was sorry to see that they let him go.


Brian said...

I guess that makes that White/Mizerock a 1/1 ZMAN error!

Collective Troll said...

Like Brian said, that White card signed by Johny Miz is classic! that is irreplacable! Glad ya liked the cards. Sorry about that stain in the corner. The box got water damaged in the flood of '89 (or something like that). They looked worse, but with 20 twenty years to dry they are looking better. I think 10 more and it will be stain free. Cheers my friend! Also, you were right on in the reason that I sent you those Classic Minors cards. I figured you would be more likely to find those guys than anyone...Cheers!

zman40 said...

Thanks CT. As for that stain, I didn't even notice it until I scanned it. It is less noticable in person.

I'm glad that youi both liked my error. I couldn't have summed it up any better Brian.