Tuesday, October 6, 2009

1991 Topps, John Shelby

#746 John Shelby

Now that game 163 has started, I figured that I would post a Tiger card (even though I am pulling for the Twins).

This is the second John Shelby card that I have posted on here. Like the first one, I got this card signed in Baltimore last month. John is the O's first base coach. Also like the first one, it has his crazy, impossible to read signature. I would think that that scribble would be hard to duplicate, but John has it down.

I like this card because the picture was taken at Royals Stadium. You can see the bright orange seats (which look red here) that were put in when the park was built in the '70s and part of the stadium club. Plus, it is always fun to see some older pictures from the turf days. There are some years when the Royals have fast outfielders that I wish they still had the turf. But, you can't beat the look of real grass.

Miguel Cabrera just went deep to put the Tigers up by three.

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Dave said...

Ron Mahay! In for the strikeout. Well done!!