Thursday, August 20, 2009

1969 Topps, Bert Campaneris

#495 Bert Campaneris

This is one of the cards that Bert signed for me at this years Willie Wilson Classic. He was the only player that signed for me prior to the game. He actually signed for many people and was willing to sign anything that anyone wanted signed. It it wasn't for him, my trip to the old-timers game would have been almost a complete wash.

I got a card signed by him at last years game, too. At the time, it was the only card of him that I had (or so I thought). So, this past year, I have grabbed any older cards of him that I could find in anticipation of this years event. So, I was lucky to at least get him to sign for me.

The black Sharpie I used for this card looks a little better than the blue I used on Maury's card yesterday. But, the next two Maury Wills cards look good in blue, so I can't complain.

Speaking of the Willie Wilson Classic, I am heading to a Kansas City T-Bones game on Saturday. When I checked the promotional schedule a couple of weeks ago, Saturday was listed as having an appearance by Willie Wilson. When I checked it yesterday, it is no longer listed as an appearance. Instead, Willie is now signed to a one day contract and is slated to be the starting centerfielder that night. I wonder how that is going to work out.

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Brian said...

Bert has a nice signature and it looks good on that card. Let us know how Willie does!