Wednesday, October 14, 2009

1994 Select, Ron Karkovice

#33 Ron Karkovice

I thought that this post was going to be the last one before I started onto the 1995 cards. But, I got a few autographs in the mail today. So 1995 is going to be delayed until Friday.

This card came in today from Paul, of Paul's Random Stuff. Amizingly, this Select card fell in between the '94 Score I posted earlier and the '94 Ultra I had planned for tonight. Good timing Paul.

Ron is a coach for the Newark Bears, Paul's local Atlantic League team. When Paul offered to help out people with autographs from the Atlantic League teams, he made a few rules. One of the rules was there were a few coaches that didn't seem to like signing and he tried to avoid- don't send cards of them. Another rule was don't send cards of pitchers since they were hard to get to. The final rule was not to send cards of the Bears because they were not great signers.

Well, like the good gremlin owner that I am, I only broke two of the three rules. I sent him one pitcher and a handful of Bears. The pitcher was a former Royal and I told him if he could get it, that would be great. If he couldn't, it is not a problem. As for the Bears, it was kind of the same deal, except I told him to go ahead and keep whatever he was unable to get signed (with the exception of tomorrows card).

When I got all of my cards back from him last month, I noticed I was missing a couple of cards that I sent him. I figured that he was just unable to get them signed and he kept them like I told him to do. But, I didn't get back the one card that I wanted back regardless, so I emailed him. To my pleasant surprise, he was still trying to get those cards signed for me.

Paul- Thank you very much! I owe you one.


Brian said...

Ok, I must have that card!!! Not your autographed one, but a regular old copy. The play at the plate and it is a Ranger who is going to be safe...what a combo.

zman40 said...

Damn Brian, I am sorry because I didn't even notice that. I just got the card back today and all I focused on was the autograph. I didn't even notice the guy sliding behind him until you pointed it out. I doubt that I have a double of the card, but if I do, I will hold it for you. In the meantime, I guess that this is a card that you could add to a potential want list.

Brian said...

I'll definitely put that one on my list...and if I ever get my act together, I'll post a wantlist on the blog. Thanks Zman!

Anonymous said...

That Ron Karkovice card was the last Bears autograph I got this season. I was able to get the player cards signed at the team autograph session on Fan Appreciation Day, but the coaching staff didn't participate in that.

Karkovice and Raines would come out onto the field just before the lineup card exchange (to cut down on the number of autographs they'd have to sign.) I figured Raines wouldn't stop, so I tried to get Karkovice for you. I never saw him turn anybody down this year.