Tuesday, October 27, 2009

1995 Pinnacle, Scott Elarton

#171 Scott Elarton

Here is another through the mail success, I think. This one was done by the Collective Troll who then sent it to me a few months ago. I have no idea when this autograph was obtained.

For me, I mostly remember Scott for being a Royal. He was the number one pitcher on a couple of very bad Royals teams. He had a lot of arm problems throughout his career and that trend continued during his time in Kansas City. He only pitched in 29 games in his two years as a Royal. 9 of those games were in the second year after coming back from an injury. He posted 10.46 ERA during those 9 starts and somehow he got 2 wins and only 4 losses. That is amazing. I was quite happy the day the Royals released him. He was, however, a 17 game winner in 2000 with the Astros before he started having arm problems.

The Indians picked him up after the Royals had let him go and he ended up getting into 8 games in 2008, all in relief. He pitched pretty well and posted a 3.52 ERA in 15.1 innings of work while striking out 15.

These draft pick cards remind me of the 1994 Score Select set with the torn edge in them. I think I like the base cards better, even though they had more foil on them.


Dave said...

I miss the blue Astros unis from the mid/late 90s.

Collective Troll said...

It was a spring training auto, in 1995. I thought for sure he would be the next Roger Clemens, plus I really loved that 1995 Pinnacle set!

unclemoe said...

Scott was a big deal for a season or two with the Astros.