Sunday, October 11, 2009

1993 Leaf, Mark McLemore

#512 Mark McLemore

Here is the second Mark McLemore card that I have posted on here. Like I mentioned on the first post, this autograph was obtained prior to the Rangers pregame show. The show is done right off the concourse down the left field line.

When I did the first McLemore post, I was in Maryland and I didn't have all of my ballpark photos with me. Now that I am home, here is a picture of the pre/post-game set with Mark and his co-host doing their thing.

That was from a game in 2008. Because of that, I knew to take some cards of him this year.

They even have some TVs set up in that area. I was able to get a picture of myself on TV. Pretty lame, huh?


night owl said...

I see you went with the home team and wore the Rangers cap.

zman40 said...

Yeah, I picked it up in Detroit a few years ago for cheap and have wore it four of the five Ranger games I went to.

Larry said...

The sports gal looks pretty cute, who is she?

zman40 said...

I don't know. If she still works for the Rangers, you could probably find out on their website.

Brian said...

I think that's Dana Larson from Fox Sports Southwest.