Thursday, October 15, 2009

1981 Donruss, Tim Raines

#538 Tim Raines

This is the card that I referenced yesterday in the Ron Karkovice post. Tim is the Newark Bears manager and somehow, Paul was able to get this card signed for me before the Bears season came to a close.

This is actually my second Tim Raines autograph. I got the first one TTM in the early '90s while he was with the White Sox. But, I probably sent him the worst card that one could send to get signed. As a result, I ended up with a signed card of him where you can barely make out the signature. That is not the case with this card. This autograph looks fantastic. I like how he added his number, as well. He didn't add his number on my TTM autograph.

That is a sweet picture of Tim. I like how you can see his entire forehead because his hat is just sitting in his head. Also, check out those wristbands. Those are classic.

The funny thing about this card is Tim's position- second base. I never noticed that before until Paul posted this card on his blog a few months ago. It's hard to believe that Tim Raines has played second, but it is true. He played second in 53 Major League games.

Thanks Paul!

'81 Donruss Tracker: 35/1000

If you want a quick laugh, check out this old post where some anonymous jokester has a man-crush on Tim Garland.


Anonymous said...

I actually can't take credit for getting this one signed for you. I tried a few times in Newark and the last weekend of the season in Bridgeport with no luck.

The Bears had a workout/season ticket holder luncheon right before the playoffs, but I couldn't make it because of work. My friend Greg went and got your card signed & got me a Bears program signed by Raines. (It's looking like that program could be the only official piece of Bears merchandise featuring Raines.)

zman40 said...

That is awesome. Next time you see Greg, please thank him for me.

Tom said...

The Rock!

Collective Troll said...

Gotta love Rock Raines! Way to go with 35 81 Donruss already. Good job!

zman40 said...

Thanks CT!

Brian said...

Sweet sig!

Paul P said...

How did that hat stay on his head?

MattR said...

He really looked young. Great player who should be in the Hall of Fame.