Saturday, October 31, 2009

1995 Topps, Kevin Seitzer

#309 Kevin Seitzer

I got this card signed at Kauffman Stadium this past April. It was the first Royals game of the year that I was able to attend. It was a day game at the end of the team's first homestand and, luckily, both teams took batting practice. I was able to get Kevin's attention as he was coming off of the field.

I ended up getting three cards signed by Seitzer this season. I got one signed at Fanfest in January. This was the second one that I got signed. The third one was the '87 Fleer that was a tag team effort between Ryan, of the Great Orioles Autograph Projest, and my dad.

From what I can tell of Seitzer, he seems to only sign one card per person. I took this card to get signed because I didn't have any cards from this set signed and I wanted a non-Royals card signed by him.

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