Friday, October 23, 2009

1995 Leaf, Brian McRae

#347 Brian McRae

This is the fifth Brian McRae card that I have posted on here. But this one is different. Unlike the previous four, I actually know when and where I got this card signed. The rest of them had been accumulated over the years and they just seemed to blend together. But not this one. Also, this is the first B-Mac card where he is not a Royal.

I got this card signed this past spring at the youth baseball clinic here in town. B-Mac was one of the five former Royals helping to teach the kids. They weren't any infielders in the group, so Brian did the infield and base running teaching.

On a side note, I got my first ever 1 of 1 today. I got a Josh Hamilton magenta printing plate out of a pack of Topps U&H. I will be trying to get it signed next summer.


Anonymous said...

I had forgotten that McRae played for the Cubs. I only remembered him as a Met and a Royal.

unclemoe said...

Congrats on the super great pull!


zman40 said...

Thanks Moe!