Wednesday, February 11, 2009

1992 Pinnacle, Tim Raines

#605 Tim Raines

I dropped the ball on this one. Of all the Tim Raines cards out there, I just had to send him this one. This dark one. This dark one where he isn't an Expo on it.

Here is another card that I got through the mail in the early '90s. I thought that this was a pretty cool card back then. I loved the Oakley M Frames and loved these cards. They got the idea for these cards (I think) from a subset that they put out in the hockey cards that featured goalies masks. Boy, was I stupid. You can hardly see the signature on it. For once. the scan looks great. It looks much worse in person. I don't know why I sent such a dark card to get signed. I'm sure that I had some junk wax from the late '80s I could have sent. I guess I sent this one because it was a cool card. I wouldn't know what to think if cards like this came out today.

Either way, Raines was a great player and I am glad that I have his autograph in my collection. Now that Rickey Henderson is off of the ballot, Raines might get a little more support for the Hall of Fame.

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night owl said...

Full disclosure: when these cards first came out, it took me the longest time to realize that an action shot of the player was in the reflection of the glasses.

One of my finer moments.