Thursday, January 22, 2009

1992 Classic/Best, Tim Garland

#222 Tim Garland

Here is another player that never made it to the Majors. Unlike the previous two that I have shown who didn't make it, Tim Garland didn't even get close. His first pro season was 1989. By 1992, he was still playing A ball. I don't know if he wasn't very good or if he got hurt all the time, but he never played in more than 71 games in a season. After 1992, he was out of baseball until 1996. In 1996, he went back to A. In 1997, he stole 85 bases for the San Jose Giants. Then, in 1998, he had finally made it to AA. He was probably the oldest player in the league. He played in AA in 1999, too. After that, he was out of baseball again until 2003. Then he reemerged in the independent Atlantic League. 2004 was his last season playing, for now.

I got this card signed last summer in Lancaster, California. Tim was the hitting coach for the Stockton Ports.

Looking at his stats from the year before this card came out, I am surprised that he even got a card made of him at all.


Anonymous said...

Why are you collecting cards and autographs of players you know nothing about? Tim was an amazing player and one of the best base stealers I've ever seen at any level

zman40 said...

"Why are you collecting cards and autographs of players you know nothing about?"

Well, I am a card collector. When you buy packs of cards (especially in the early '90s or with any minor league cards) you get nobodies in those packs. I do not try to get cards of the nobodies, it just happens.

As for the autograph, if I have a card of any player, I will try to get it signed. It doesn't matter if it is Alex Rodriguez or Tim Garland. An autograph is an autograph.

Occasionally, I will post an autograph on here of a player that I had never really heard of. Sometimes, I get lucky and a commenter leaves a cool comment informing me on some things I did not know about that player (you almost made that cut).

You are the first anonymous commenter on here that questioned why I do what I do. Good for you, anonymous person. Why do you go around leaving anonymous comments on blogs you do not seem to like, especially on a worthless post of Tim Garland. You should check back in in a few months when I post another Tim Garland card and make fun of him for being a California League All-Star six years after this card came out. Maybe you will enjoy that one more :)

Anonymous said...

Who ever you are.Don't ever try to get another card signed by him.I'll make sure he hears about how you feel about his career.He was a late rounder that got 14 years playing in the game.Lack of talent wasnt his issue.Learn the business side of it buddy.Oh by the way,how many years did you play professionaly?

zman40 said...

While you are at it, make sure you thank him for signing the two cards for me. They are the only two Tim Garland cards I own, so I probably won't be getting anymore signed anytime soon...buddy.