Thursday, January 1, 2009

1991 Score, Derek Lilliquist

#571 Derek Lilliquist

Today's autograph is a Padrograph from Rod. Derek only pitched in 22 games with the Padres over two seasons. Interestingly, the Padres got Derek from the Braves when they sent Mark Grant to Atlanta. I showed a Mark Grant card on here last week. Anyway, after San Diego, Derek went on to Cleveland where he posted two very decent seasons in relief. It was all downhill from there. All in all, Derek pitched 8 seasons in the Majors and made 262 appearances. His career ERA was 4.13 and he had 17 saves.

Now, on to other things. I bought one pack of Upper Deck Documentary today just for the sake of buying something new and I got an autographed card in it. That's how I like to start off the new year. It's not a great player, but it's a good looking card and he has a nice signature. Now that I think about it, Rod sent me a card that was signed by this player.

Also, who's been checking out the MLB Network today? Is that sweet or what? The Don Larsen perfect game was pretty cool to watch. To commemorate Don Larson, here is a card signed by him. This was actually the first card that I posted on here. Don Larsen on the First day of Autographed Cards and on the first day of the MLB Network. To quote Mel Allen "How about that?".


Dave said...

The colors of this set will always make me think of CALIFORNIA GAMES

It's amazing how manic Score was over the years. 1997 and 1989 were incredibly understated, whereas other years like 1995 and 1992 were just crazy looking.

zman40 said...

I loved California Games.