Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1991 Topps, Brian McRae

#222 Brian McRae

This is the second, of four, McRae cards on here. This card has been in my collection for a long time, so I must have got it signed at a Royals Caravan while he was a player. That is just pure speculation, though. As I pointed out in the first McRae card, I do not know for sure how I got any of his cards signed. It's just pure guestimation on my part.

Rather than just end this post here, I'll get into this set a little bit. '91 Topps was the 40th anniversary of Topps. They apparently didn't think too much of their 1951 Red Backs or Blue Backs (which only had 52 cards in the set). Otherwise, 1990 would have been the 40th anniversary. That is probably a good thing since the 1952 set was their first true set and it featured 407 cards.

Anyways, when this set came out in 1991, I decided that I wanted to have at least one card from all 40 Topps sets. I was doing pretty well in this venture. Then one day my dog knocked a soda over while I was away. Right next to the glass was my album that had this collection at the end of it. As a result of that, my 1952 and 1953 cards have a nice Coke stain on them. How only these two got stained and not the rest is beyond me. At the time I was pissed at my dog. But it was completely my fault. I knew better than to leave the drink out when no one else was home. After getting my two oldest cards ruined, I gave up on my quest of getting one card from every Topps set.

There is only about twelve hours left to enter the contest. I might go to a hockey game tonight. If I do go, I'll post the results and winners tomorrow. If I don't go, I'll post the winners late tonight.

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