Monday, January 12, 2009

Best Man

I mentioned that I was at my best friend's wedding on Saturday. For a little background, I was the best man for Dustin. He is the one that does all of my scans for me. We've been friends since the second grade and we have been on a baseball road trip nearly every year since 2001. Since our first trip, we have been to games in 32 different ballparks in three countires. So, we are both fans of the game. And for being his best man, this is the gift that I recieved.

How cool is that? All of the guys in the wedding got the ball with their own title and name in it. Next thing I know, Dustin is bringing over a big box to me. I jokingly asked if that was the bat to complete the set. It sure was.

Dustin got all of the guys to sign his Most Valuable Groom ball. I decided that I should get the bat signed after the wedding. So that signature on the right is the very first time that his lovely new wife, Becky, got to sign her new last name. This is truly a 1/1 item that I am happy to have in my collection. Thanks Dustin.

And if anyone is wondering where he found these items, he stummbled upon them on the internet.


Dave said...

That's awesome!

zman40 said...

Thanks Dave.

JRJ said...

That's very cool. Great idea.